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Thursday 22 December 2022

Google Voice: Best Call Performance with Intelligent Network Switching

Google Voice: Best Call Performance with Intelligent Network Switching

Google is currently offering a new update to the Voice app which is known as "Intelligent Network Switching." This feature enables you to switch intelligently from Wi-Fi to cellular connections, as its primary purpose is improving call performance. The app is able to detect the poor connection between wiFi Or cellular and switches automatically. It can offer an improved calling experience without disturbances. Hence, as a user, you need to enable the feature in the app. Then, it will switch the network.

What does it actually mean?

Suppose you are placing a call and the app has a single ideal network for choosing from, which indicates if you switch to WiFi when you are on the call, it will still remain connected with the cellular connection. However, people can now experience a huge and enhanced difference with improved call quality performance. In addition, you should remember that this new update from Google lets you generate a few rules for incoming calls.

Hence, you need to know that calls can be routed in various ways. Besides, what is unique in this case is that the app can bring smart replies to the platform. As a result, you can respond to incoming messages easily. Remember that the app can determine which connection has the ability of providing improved call quality. As a result, it switches automatically when the call is in progress. Earlier, the app had the ability of choosing the ideal network when the call was placed initially. It means that in case, in the middle of a call, the user went from cellular to WiFi. Then it may stick with the cellular connection. But now, Google is launching essential updates to the platform. As a result, people can get improved call performance.

Impact of Smart Suggestions:

The service got a new update at the end of the year's end, and this update states that calls can be routed from different callers. Smart Reply suggestions are available throughout Google's portfolio of the products. As a result, users can give an easy path for responding to incoming messages. Hence, it will be a great addition to Google Voice. If you want to use the app, head toward the Play Store. You can use the application to contact friends, family, and coworkers. Moreover, it can offer a new digital phone number without any additional cost. But people who belong from outside of the US can not take benefits of this perk.

You should know due to the new update Google Voice, it can offer improved call quality to the users. Now, the service can switch to another network, indicating that if the current network fails when you are on a call, the app will choose the best network.

What did Google say about it?

Google said that before launching this new update, the service was able to identify only the ideal network when you placed a call. At that time, the service wasn't able to make any changes in network performance. Therefore, in the middle of a call, the users needed to remain with a cellular network even though they switched to a Wi-Fi connection. The company has not specified for which platform the enhancement is done. But it is expected that the app will be likely available on phone apps.

In this regard, you should know that this one is a simple addition to a service that has not got enough love from Google. According to the reports, the company has done the last update in October. This new feature allows the people to use mobile numbers from local carriers on the platform. The company released some shortcuts in the previous year. 

These shortcuts allow the user to call or text someone directly. Hence, you need to long-press the app's icon on the home screen. Moreover, you can quickly access the currently used contacts using the shortcuts. The company closed the Voice website already for personal accounts earlier this year. Along with this, a few web features, like carrier-forwarded calls from linked numbers, can be removed.

Friday 13 January 2017

Google Says New Version of Google Voice Coming Soon

Google Voice
Seeing as how 2016 saw various new administrations from Google, including Duo and Allo, it's anything but difficult to disregard the old yet helpful Google Voice application. Since its reconciliation with Hangouts in late 2014, the Google Voice application hasn't seen any noteworthy overhauls. Nonetheless, Google uncovered recently that you might just observe a shiny new form of the application this year with a new update and modification.


Google Voice is a helpful application that offers call sending and phone message administrations, voice and test informing, and universal call application. A lot of individuals still utilize it yet Google hasn't precisely made the experience charming. Some new applications have prevailed to some degree by concentrating on versatile clients – a region where Google Voice has fallen behind, having not redesigned its android applications and iOS since the main portion of a year ago. Google has essentially left Voice to sit and gather tidy, dismissing it as it doesn't exist. What these new elements involve stays indistinct, yet hopefully the holdup is justified, despite all the trouble.

Google's fairly maturing VoIP calling administration, Google Voice, is get ready to reveal a huge overhaul, the organization has affirmed. A few Google Voice clients this week detailed seeing a redesigned interface touting "the new Google Voice" on the web adaptation of the administration, alongside a connection that would give them a chance to give it a shot. Plainly, the message was posted too soon in light of the fact that the update didn't come through when the connection was clicked.

Update features-

Be that as it may, its reality has been an empowering sign for Google Voice clients, a number of whom have felt as though the administration has been surrendered for Google's numerous more current endeavors in the interchanges space, including Hangouts, and all the more as of late, informing applications like Allo and Duo. Google didn't share any further points of interest on its arrangements, however, a redesign to Voice is long past due. Its versatile applications were last upgraded in the second quarter of 2016, and still, after all, that, the redesigns included only 'bug fixes'.

The overhaul will probably involve a modified UI particularly for its desktop form, which still games the plan dialect of the old Gmail. It is likewise anticipated that would arrive with fabrication that will be firmly incorporated with Hangouts, and additionally, other related Google informing administrations, for example, Google Allo and Duo. Put something aside for the advertisement, Google has not discharged any official proclamation about the approaching Voice overhaul. Knowing the organization, nonetheless, we can expect a point by point log of new components particularly if the upgrade ends up being colossal.

Google's procedure as to its correspondences applications has been muddled, so it will enthusiasm to perceive what the new Google Voice involves. The organization has various correspondence items, which appear to be in a consistent condition of flux. The organization expressed the move did not flag the finish of Hangouts, but rather would basically be accessible as a discretionary application. Be that as it may, Hangouts' destiny is significantly more unverifiable after Google uncovered a week ago that it would close down its Hangouts API by means of an upgrade in the Hangouts site.

Sunday 28 September 2014

How to Setup Google Voice as Voicemail?

Google Voice is a package of services provided by Google which helps users to send text messages, customize their voicemail box, read voicemail as a text transcript etc. Google voice is a way to enable Unified Communications in one platform.

Text, Voice, Email all managed by one software application. This voicemail service which previously required a invite to setup now available free to all Gmail Account holders. This service enables them to have one number across all devices & locations, embedding mobile phones, work-desk phones, & VoIP lines. Related to specific callers user can choose which phone to ring when they call. There are some paid too features if in case you want to opt for them.

Google Voice
To link your numbers with your Google Account and to setup voicemail box follow below steps:

  • Go to more and click on even more tab.
    Google Voice 1
  • Now in the list, click on voice.
    Google Voice 2
  • Now you’ll be asked for two options, either you want to setup new number with your account or use an existing number. New number will be provided by Google repository based on your location.
    Google Voice 3
  • Type your area code and press search numbers.
    Google Voice 4
  • You’ll be shown list of free numbers from the free pool and based on your preferences you can choose the number and click on continue.
    Google Voice 5
  • For security reasons you’ll be asked to enter your pin and this pin will be used for authentication purpose in the future.
    Google Voice 6
  • If you want to add forwarding phone number now or can plan to do it later. Possible options are Home, Work etc.
    Google Voice 7
  • Once you’re done you’ll get a verification call from Google, here you just need to enter the number displayed on the screen.
    Google Voice 8
  • When your verification is done, you’re all set to your number as according to requirement.
    Google Voice 9
  • Now in the settings you can record you voicemail greetings, you can play the already recorded greetings, you can choose where you’ll the notification, set text forwarding & can also change the pin.
    Google Voice 10

Saturday 7 June 2014

How to Make Free Calls (online) From PC to Mobile

In internet there are some online services for making calls to mobile. If you call your buddies at free of cost, you will be very happy. Right? Then this article is right for you all. You can make calls now at free of cost from computer to mobile.

Using Google voice

Google offers the service called Google voice which is used to make calls from computer to mobile or mobile to computer. Unfortunately you can make call for US and Canada. If you want to make call elsewhere you will be charged. Call rates will be applicable based on the country. It also maintains the contact. Once you register in google voice, it will provide the google voice number. It never changes.

Using Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger allows you to make calls from PC to mobile. We can use it in India also. It is not like the google voice. Download and install the yahoo messenger on the mobile. You can log in the yahoo messenger only with the yahoo mail id password. If you don’t have yahoo id, just sign up an account.

Then select Yahoo Call and then click call a Phone number from my PC option, as shown in the capture. And now you have to dialthe toll free number 18003733411 and wait until your call is getting connected.You have to follow the instructions and click the free call option end.The process is done. Now you can dial the number that you want to call. Enjoy the free calls.

Using Icall

Icall is as same as the google voice. Though it provides the calling service only for US and Canada, it is the one of the best method to do free calls. This app will be applicable only for Mac, IPhone, Linux and Windows. You can make a call as many times you want. But every fifth minute, the call will get disconnected.


This site is different from all the sites that we discussed. In Site2Sms you can make calls for India alone. You are allowed to do 15 calls only. For every 2 minutes the call will be disconnected and that you can talk up to 30 minutes only.

Using VoipBuster

VoipBuster offers a free service for making calls. It has also some restrictions that are given below.
• You can make call for only particular countries.

• Each day you can talk through VoipBuster about 60 minutes only.