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Saturday, 7 June 2014

How to Make Free Calls (online) From PC to Mobile

In internet there are some online services for making calls to mobile. If you call your buddies at free of cost, you will be very happy. Right? Then this article is right for you all. You can make calls now at free of cost from computer to mobile.

Using Google voice

Google offers the service called Google voice which is used to make calls from computer to mobile or mobile to computer. Unfortunately you can make call for US and Canada. If you want to make call elsewhere you will be charged. Call rates will be applicable based on the country. It also maintains the contact. Once you register in google voice, it will provide the google voice number. It never changes.

Using Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger allows you to make calls from PC to mobile. We can use it in India also. It is not like the google voice. Download and install the yahoo messenger on the mobile. You can log in the yahoo messenger only with the yahoo mail id password. If you don’t have yahoo id, just sign up an account.

Then select Yahoo Call and then click call a Phone number from my PC option, as shown in the capture. And now you have to dialthe toll free number 18003733411 and wait until your call is getting connected.You have to follow the instructions and click the free call option end.The process is done. Now you can dial the number that you want to call. Enjoy the free calls.

Using Icall

Icall is as same as the google voice. Though it provides the calling service only for US and Canada, it is the one of the best method to do free calls. This app will be applicable only for Mac, IPhone, Linux and Windows. You can make a call as many times you want. But every fifth minute, the call will get disconnected.


This site is different from all the sites that we discussed. In Site2Sms you can make calls for India alone. You are allowed to do 15 calls only. For every 2 minutes the call will be disconnected and that you can talk up to 30 minutes only.

Using VoipBuster

VoipBuster offers a free service for making calls. It has also some restrictions that are given below.
• You can make call for only particular countries.

• Each day you can talk through VoipBuster about 60 minutes only.