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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Waze Reports integrated into Google Maps

Waze was bought by Google ht two months ago, Waze Community GPS will allow in Google Maps to improve, at least on mobile. The first Advanced announced by Google Maps integration into the incidents of Waze community reports. The latter is however not the only one giving, since technology from Maps are also available to "wazers" said the Web giant. In recent years, the Waze app is available on iOS and Android, has attracted tens of millions of users. The Wazer’s statement during driving, allow the whole community to enjoy their statements in real-time accidents, traffic jams, police presence, radar, work stations, etc. Its acquisition two months ago by Google, for nearly a billion dollars, was not a surprise. In June, when formalizing the acquisition of Waze, Google did not hide his desire to improve Maps quickly. Yesterday, Google has confirmed this philosophy perfectly, announcing further concrete improvements on both sides. On Maps mobile users benefiting by getting reports from other Waze users about the incident reports in real time Waze users. This includes accidents also the work and road closures. Waze community can in turn benefit from the Google search, complementing already services including Foursquare and Yelp. The Waze map editor, which allows correcting some errors, also now it has Street View technology and satellite imagery from Google. Finally, note that the Federal Trade Commission, the government agency responsible for competition in particular to investigate the acquisition of Waze by Google. I must say that Maps is already one of the most important mobile applications in the world, crushing all competitors. And on the Web, its dominance is equally impressive. The acquisition of Waze can be interpreted as a strengthening of a dominant position. In the worst case scenario, it could go up to the cancellation of the acquisition of Waze. However, Google seems sure of himself in terms of comparisons between Maps and Waze.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Google buys Waze

Google has bought the navigation app Waze for about a billion dollars. Google wants its map service enriched maps with more details and with the additional traffic. Google confirmed the acquisition of Waze in a blog entry. At least 1.1 billion U.S. dollars (820 million Euros), according to media reports, Google has worked out for the navigation app. The Waze employees remain at their own request at their location in Israel and operating from there. Google's mapping service Google Maps accumulates gradually with Waze data. Even the Waze service will get benefits of Google's great search capabilities. Originally Facebook interested in Waze and it was reported in the media. However, Facebook laid down a condition that Waze should come to California for which the deal apparently did not materialize. When Waze users inform each other about traffic jams, accidents and speed traps and the app offers routes statement based on the subscriber information, but also works as a kind of online network for motorists. Founded in Israel five years ago, start-up has now about 45 million users.