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Saturday 13 August 2022

Google Fiber News: What is next?

Google Fiber News: What is next?

Have you been following Google fiber news? If yes, then you must know how busy they are. It has generated the network in all towns and surrounding regions, from North Carolina to Utah. Its motive is to connect clients in West Des Moines to turn lowa into the first ever state in five years. In addition, it will begin construction in neighboring Des Moines. Moreover, it recently announced not creating a network in Mesa, Arizona. They have been focusing on delivering the most effective gigabit internet service for the last several years to their clients through relentless refinements.

What is Google Fiber?

It is a top-speed broadband internet service using fiber optic wires to provide gigabit speeds to homes and businesses. These help to share information via light. Thus, it can offer much quicker speeds than traditional cable, DSL, or dial-up connections.

The high-speed network at gigabit speeds is no more a bold idea. Communities from various nations are willing to expand access to gigabit internet. Their team has spent several months traveling across the country. Besides, they have made plenty of conversations with cities that want the ultimate network speed to provide their residents and business owners.

They will be even busier than before. It is because these talks to city leaders in these states have a motive to bring fiber-to-the-home service to their communities.

  •  Arizona ( it will begin in Mesa as announced in July) 
  • Colorado 
  • Nebraska 
  • Nevada 
  • Idaho

Their growth depends on these states for a few upcoming years with continued expansion in recent metro areas. Besides, they prefer to talk to communities willing to create their fiber networks. You can see the model work in Huntsville and West Des Moines effectively.

They are excited to expand the geographic reach once again by offering a better network to more people in more places. In addition, they will provide more information about new towns, quicker speeds, and redefined customer service.

It will be its first major expansion after it spun out as an independent Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) unit. Dinni Jain, the chief executive of the company (February 2018), said in his first interview that they were ready to add a bit more speed after over four years of sharpening operations.

Expanded from seventeen to twenty-two metro areas across the US, it can provide projects to launch in Mesa, Arizona, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. These rely on the company's findings of where speeds lag.

What Did Jain Say About Google Fiber News?

He said that it has been trying to produce the whole nation. But according to them, they don't have any motive not to build the entire nation. Therefore, it did not comment on Fiber's financial results or fundraising plans.

A few Alphabet subsidiaries are raising funds outside to independently last the value, being shut down or subsumed by other entities. It can face the same choices because the expansion can materialize over the next three to five years.

Its plan is available as Alphabet. In addition, several companies reduce the speed of hiring. Besides, these can shutter a few fringe projects for a global recession rise.

Jain said that their objective is to create businesses that will get success in their right, and it is when you should know that Google fiber news. In addition, the company will not depend on dipping into "a rich parent's wallet. Google started to take on network service stalwarts, including Comcast Corp (CMCSA.O) and AT&T Inc (T.N) in 2010, while Larry Page and Sergey Brin co-founders said about the tiredness of waiting on Congress.

In this regard, you need to know about the competitor's scenario to fit into its gigabit per second offerings. Names of some launch sites are Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, and areas under consideration.

He also said in his prior role as Time Warner Cable's chief operating officer that they were paranoid. Google separated the core business, delivery drones, and anti-aging solutions. It needs to invest a huge amount of money in annual losses on construction. They spend thousands of dollars to experiment with new ways to ground these optic cables and subsidize some services.

The Bottom Line:

It has decreased expansion for the last few years to West Des Moines, Iowa, and within metropolitan areas. Wall Street cheered about transparency and cost control. Besides, he honed methods and dumped failed techno to save time, such as taping cables to sidewalks. In addition, it built more the previous year compared to the earlier few years.

He also said that they must go from the spirit and culture of uniqueness to one of operational excellence. Burying fewer deep trenches than others must save time, whereas streamlining prices and setting up to limit customer help calls must hold down costs. He also said that people contacted it a third less than he saw at the same companies. In addition, he also described sign-ups as more than his expectation before joining. It is all about Google fiber news which our article describes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Is Google Fiber coming back?

According to the announcement from Google, it might expand into South Salt Lake, Utah. On July 26, 2021, the company announced that construction was underway. It is expected to be finished by the first half of 2022. The company published a blog on December 28th, 2021, reflecting back on 2021.

  • Q. Why did Google Fiber fail?

Its installers laid Fiber with the help of "shallow trenching" in Louisville. This team cited the experimental construction processes which are used in Louisville. People believe that it was the reason behind this. We know the deployment technique as "nano trenching," allowing it to deploy Fiber at enhanced speed and lower cost.

  • Q. Is it shut down?

If you are one of the customers who are not willing to upgrade will lose your Fiber TV service in April 2022. But your network service will continue. The Chromecast devices enable customers to see the network on the PC and attach to television sets through an HDMI port.

Thursday 19 September 2013

Sound at your Fingertips

Technology from Disney Research, Pittsburgh has come out with a device which transmits sound through human touch. It is a new invention that enables you to record messages to friends that can be heard with a touch of your finger to the earlobes. With the help of your finger and another person’s ear, together forms a speaker that helps the other person to hear your message. Ishin-Den-Shin so called is named after a Japanese mantra which represents unspoken understanding and speaks into a standard microphone which is then converted into an inaudible signal which tends to get audible when the speaker touches another person’s earlobes. The sound can be transmitted from body to body with the help of any physical contact though it can only be heard by the person whose earlobe is touched and this technology won the honors at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. This system depends on a special microphone created by Disney Research engineers, wherein the sound is recorded and rendered into a high voltage, low current and in an inaudible signal. The sound can only be heard when someone holding the microphone touches the fingers to another person’s ears. The sound can also move through multiple bodies if the person A holding the microphone touches person B’s shoulder while at the same time person C’s ear for the sound to be transmitted to the person C.

 Human bodies are capable of transmitting sound as electrical signals and using the human body to conduct sound is becoming common in the recent years. One of the most popular methods is the bone conduction which brings sound directly to the inner ear through bones in the skull and which is found in some head phones enabling hearing aids and in Google’s Glass. The system used by Disney Research is an electrostatic field which forms around the speaker’s skin and creates a vibration when it comes in contact with the person’s earlobe. The Ishin-Den-Shin system, which includes a hand held microphone, is connected to a computer. It operates when the speaker speaks into the microphone and the computer changes the sound into looped recording. This recording is then converted into high voltage, low current inaudible signal, which flows into the thin wires connected to the interior of the microphone. The looped inaudible signal then creates a modulated electrostatic field thus producing a tiny vibration as the fingers touch the ear, forming a speaker. The Ishin-Den-Shin system can be used for everyday activities for interactive sound devices without the need of any special instrument. It could help to explore new avenues for inter personal communication and can be used to transfer sound from one person to another with the use of our bodies which has the capabilities of a conductor of sound

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Headphones: a deluge of news! - V

Intra wireless
Model-ear Triva Tap proposed by Koss since last spring, is a priori the first of its kind to be free of wire and connect via WiFi to different kinds of music sources. While some might consider this a bit of "cheating" because they largely beyond the ear canal (and the ear) compared to other headphones in this category. But pending a future and hypothetical miniaturization, they remain relatively discrete, light and, of course, without headband. The contract is completed. Their interest is also to be connected to all types of readers or audio-video equipment, even if they do not have Wifi, through a small box "bridge" to connect the audio output a Smartphone, a MP3 player, radio, TV, etc.. Priced 400 euros!

Starck Parrot offers

Parrot continues its diversification in all directions and this time is associated with Philippe Starck to design the design of ZIK, a wireless headset (Bluetooth) to look very distinctive. It also stands side functions with touch control player functions (volume, play and pause automatic change tracks ...) via a capacitive panel located on the outside of the headphones, an active system of noise reduction, a motion detector to pause the music when the headphones are removed, etc.. Sold on various online shops at a price of approximately 350 euros.

A modular helmet

The main idea behind the concept Tracks Remix, Sol Republic announced at IFA 2012, is to allow everyone to customize the look and recreational level of sound quality of his helmet. The manufacturer provides for the possibility to buy it separately headband and remote control cable, choose from eight different colors, and the headphones to choose between V8 and V10 models depending on the type of sound you want. Price 80 euros.

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Headphones: a deluge of news! - IV

The spirit of Bob in the ears

Finally distributed in France since the beginning of summer 2012, the amazing range of headsets and headphones House of Marley audio, created by Rohan Marley (son of the late a you-know-who) are in the image various brand products: good quality, manufactured and distributed in environmental concerns and, in part, to serve 1Love, the charity "house" which receives a portion of the profits on sales. Within, and even at the top of this range can remember in particular the model Destiny TTR-ear headphones super comfortable and deliciously vintage look. Comes, as it must, in a package of recycled materials. Available for the price of 300 euros.

The upscale by Sony

A series of three new models of high-end closed headphones was announced a few days ago at the IFA 2012 by Sony. Grouped under the banner MDR-1R this range includes a wireless model (MDR-1RBT) and a model with a system of noise reduction (MDR-1RNC). These three helmets should be available soon and are already available for pre-order at respective rates of 249, 349 and 399 euros.

3 new headsets Logitech UE

Result of the merger in 2008 between Logitech and Ultimate Ears (ear earphones manufacturer created by a former sound engineer Van Halen), Logitech UE announced at the IFA 2012 in Berlin a range of helmets and above circum- aural. Input range, the LogitechUE 4000 (99 euros) is a model with a small wired remote control and microphone to answer calls his Smartphone and control tracks and volume music. Upmarket continuing with the Logitech UE 6000 (199 euros) equipped with an active system to reduce outside noise. The Logitech UE 9000 (349 euros) finally takes him about the main features of the 6000 but can connect wirelessly to a music source with Bluetooth technology. Available for pre-order on the manufacturer's website.

Headphones: a deluge of news! - III

Evolution subliminal

You can not change a winning team. Announced at the IFA 2012, and most likely available before the end of the year at a price of 300 euros, the AKG K551 is a small evolution of K550, Circum-aural headphones high end in particular was awarded in 2012 a reddot Design Award.


Or ... almost. The Crash, last scion of the partnership between Philips and O'Neill, is also part of the contingent of new products announced at IFA 2012. It is particularly aimed at sports enthusiasts "extreme" (and possibly clumsy, the Ironbreaker ...) with a design advertised as foolproof. Program: headphones protected in an aluminum shell, headband that can bend and stretch with all his strength and all the senses, strength of the assembly to a static pressure of 1500 kg should be available early autumn 2012 at a price yet to discover ...

Leather cushion

Sennheiser has decided to renew the design of its helmets and Momentum decidedly vintage look is part of this new trend. Very lightweight (190 g), it integrates ear pads with premium leather supplied by British Pittards which revolves around a hoop stainless steel fasteners. He announced a maximum level of 110 dB with a power rating of 200 mW. It comes with a conventional cable and a cable with a mini-jack and microphone controls and a smartphone. The price should be around 300 euros.

Monday 10 September 2012

Headphones: a deluge of news! - II

Snakes hiss…

Discrete, but not too ... The range of in-ear headphones Quarkie proposed will allow you to travel light while you are doing anyway (a bit) says. Designed by a team of British designers and Asian models are available in four sizes and sold online at a price of 89 euros.

Second youth for Purity

Nokia Purity Pro, released just a few days ago at the IFA 2012 in Berlin, is a model change Purity, collaboration between the Finnish manufacturer and specialist Monster. While the design does not change substantially, it is in terms of features to look for novelty at that time as it becomes wireless and equipped with an active noise reduction. It will most likely be available during the fourth quarter of 2012, in four colors (red, yellow, black or white) and sold around 300 euros.

Fun & Off-Road

Recently presented at IFA 2012, in-ear headphones Rugged Image S4i Klipsch the U.S. is advertised as virtually any terrain and particularly weather resistant with the addition of various rubber components. The unit is equipped with a remote control equipped XL 3 buttons and a unidirectional microphone for hands-free calls from a mobile phone. This model will be available prior to a few weeks at a price of approximately 100 euros.

Sunday 9 September 2012

Apple adapter that will make controversy

The rumors that Apple has decided to change its dock connector present on all mobile devices. With him, are all accessories for sale that are becoming obsolete. According to iLounge, Apple would be in his cartoons adapter.

Do not throw the cables and accessories for your iPhone and iPad, Apple has planned the coup. Little affable, the Cupertino company has locked in against this market. Alone and could design and sell the famous adapter.

Mow the competition; this is a good way to monetize a product excessively. The adapter cost $ 10 to the customer. Packs of three to 29 dollars would also be provided. According to sources iLounge, Apple might prefer to sell 10 million by the end of 2012 and would be able to collect 100 million dollars just with this adapter (excluding manufacturing costs and routing).

Remember that the next Apple mobile products should accommodate a 9-pin connector against 30 now. It would gain speed for data transfer and charging devices.

Apple will hold a conference well on September 12. iPhone 5 and / or iPad Mini should be in the game.

The keyboard-mouse Bamboo Ecoline Hama

Hama has expanded its Ecoline after the release of the famous cases for phones or "liquid wood". Environmentally friendly, the company continues to create products based on renewable products.

This time, it comes with a keyboard and mouse made
​​from bamboo. Hama uses bamboo as it is among the fastest renewable resources not to mention its resistance against certain materials like metals. This keyboard-mouse is equipped with all the functions in the ordinary keyboards and mice. The keyboard has the usual buttons. As for the mouse, it is equipped with a high-resolution optical sensor for precise cursor. Connection to a computer is made from a Integrated USB nano receiver.

The wireless keyboard bamboo costs € 69 while the price of the mouse amounted to € 29.99.

Headphones: a deluge of news! - I

Wireless Headphones

Available in France since mid-July, DenonAH NCW500-range Cruiser Globe probably delights music lovers and world travelers. The supra-aural headphones finish relatively simple and rather upscale (available in black or aluminum / brown) includes a set of functions and elements which, without being revolutionary, is very much in tune with the times. With 400 mm headphones, it incorporates an active system to reduce noise outside, amplifier, microphone, control buttons and a volume control wheel to drive a Smartphone which can be connected with wireless (Bluetooth 3.0). On the software side, the manufacturer also offers a free application for Smartphone Travel Denon IOS or Android. Comes with a battery of accessories, including a carrying pouch leather, priced at 500 euros.

A decoration at the head of customer

Colorware, the American specialist "customization-coloring" of multimedia equipment (mobile phones, computers, game consoles, iPod, Segway ...) also offers a dedicated service for headphones: Beats By Dr. Dre range, Bose QuietConfort 15 , Sol Republic Tracks, SkullCandy Mix Master, to name a few. Originally, it was possible for you to send your own equipment, after being "treated", you had returned to begin his new life under new colors. This option is no longer offered by the company (too many defective materials and counterfeiting ...) it is now possible after using the web application for colors that control one or more new parts, that 'you have to mount it yourself, or buy the new helmet. For example, it will cost about 430 euros for a Bose QuietConfort 15 plus service colorization.

Total customization

The other U.S. based company also offers customization of headphones. The offer, however OrigAudiodiffère substantially from that proposed by ColorWare insofar as it is an original helmet model (Designears) and allows customization based on a black and white helmet, of apply a photo, text, texture ... on the headphones and the headband. 55 euros.

Barrack Obama chooses Steve Jobs rather than Google

The race for the White House that engage Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in the United States seems to imply some personalities of the high-tech, and especially the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. His name was indeed mentioned by both candidates as a model of success in the U.S., especially by Obama, who would have preferred to mention his name rather than Google in a speech.

"We believe that a girl who has the opportunity to escape poverty, or who has the opportunity to go to college could build the next Google," is the phrase that Barack Obama had before, on his teleprompter during his campaign speech Thursday. However, the sentence he gave is slightly different: "We believe that a girl who has the opportunity to escape poverty, or who has the opportunity to go to college, can become the new Steve Jobs. "

This small change sentence may seem trivial, but it has been noticed. The successful example given by Steve Jobs would it be speaking, as candidates for the U.S. presidential election, that Larry Page and Sergei Brin with Google? It should be noted that Mitt Romney, Obama's opponent in this campaign has also used the name of the founder of Apple in a speech last week, again suggesting a model of success: "Steve Jobs was Apple does return, then he came back and he changed the world. "

Saturday 8 September 2012

4K TV LG 84 inch to 20 000 €

It was discovered during the IFA 84LM9600, TV LG 84-inch 4K. The manufacturer today released its price: $ 19 999.99. It is the largest screen size that exists today. Remember that 84 inches corresponds to the size of four 42-inch TV, as well as its 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), which is four times that of Full HD (1920 x 1080).

This TV uses LED technology and 3D compatible. It is capable of Full HD content Upscaling to 4K and, of course, supports native 4K content. It only needs this type of content comes on the market, which is planned for 2013 at the earliest. Available in October, its services and its rate reserve unfortunately a professional audience.

Thursday 6 September 2012

Cropic Digital Camera: AFN editing photos in real time

Cropic is a digital camera capable of editing the captured images. It is also possible to remove unwanted background in order to obtain the desired image. Body Cropic Digital Camera is fine enough. That can fit in a pocket, it has the size of a standard smartphone. It is also equipped with two LCD screens on the front and rear of the device to preview the images taken. Here's the scenario: the photographer takes a picture while watching the screen while the person photographed can also see his own picture on the screen at the front of the device.

By designer Kim Tae Han, it is unclear whether this device will come because it is currently in concept phase.

Monday 13 August 2012

The Samsung-Apple trial seen by Conan O'Brien

The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung is continuing to court, and during that time, the bloom on the Internet parodies. The American media have obviously studied the subject, and among them, the American humorist Conan O'Brien has devoted part of his show on the case between the two companies.

Sunday 12 August 2012

After 4 days of Call of Duty, a teenager of 15 years is hospitalized

It's not a scoop: play can be dangerous too. Abuse is wrong in any way, not only with video games. Several people have died in similar circumstances, including the young age of 18 Taiwanese who spent 40 hours on Diablo III.

New story in the U.S. this time in Columbus, Ohio: A 15 year old boy was locked up for four days to play Call of Duty. Until, exhausted, he collapsed several times before his mother. He has been hospitalized in emergency for severe dehydration.

Saturday 11 August 2012

HTC: the One X 2 presented in September

HTC present the successor to its X One in September. Objective: To counter the high-end smartphones from Samsung and Apple.

The information was revealed by the magazine Stuff. According to his sources, it would be a product stored under the name C2 Endeavor. When we know that the first X One bore the code name Endeavor, there is a short step to argue that the C2 is in fact a One X 2.

Friday 10 August 2012

Steam will market software in addition to games

Tired of only finding games on Steam? Good news, the online platform opens the software from the September 5. Anyway, Mark Richardson (product manager at Valve) seems convinced that users seek something else about the service. In the press release, it indicates that the arrival of the software is only a response to the demand of 40 million gamers that use Steam.

Thursday 9 August 2012

300,000 miles without an accident because of Google

Eric Schmidt assured a few weeks ago that Google accounted For the future safety. The numbers prove him right: after more than 300,000 miles, or about 480,000 miles, no accident has been criticized on the dozen or vehicle traffic. Knowing that this value far exceeds the lifespan of a conventional car, we can speak of good performance which ensures the safe character of the autonomous car.

Wednesday 8 August 2012

A concept of ecological camper

A real camper of the future… It will simply elegant yet practical. The concept of designer David Howells Garryd revisits the form and functions of traditional motorhome.

Like other gear futursites, the motorhome of tomorrow will be ecological. Appointed Walamai Outback Explorer, the vehicle is flanked by a modern design, friendly enough. This enhanced version includes a camper and a tent inflatable integrated cable winch.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

A movie theater inspired by the Batcave

Batcave, the famous landmark Batman's secret is no longer a myth. Reproduced for real by a group of designers, design is a true work of art.

Batman fans can rejoice with this concept, about to become reality. Designed by the architects of Elite Home Theater Seating, the room has a home theater. Unique and original, the improved version of Batcave seems larger than life except the essential accessories to Bruce Wayne. A piece that draws the Batman universe in every corner.

Monday 6 August 2012

A complete facelift to Wikipedia

Wikipedia is certainly one of the most famous sites of the Internet. Whether its logo, or layout of the website, everyone has seen at least once. The creative agency Lithuanian New believes that its design does not do it quite honored. They then worked on an alternative that can be discovered today. The entire artistic process is detailed on the official website of the project, The Redined Wikipedia.