Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A movie theater inspired by the Batcave

Batcave, the famous landmark Batman's secret is no longer a myth. Reproduced for real by a group of designers, design is a true work of art.

Batman fans can rejoice with this concept, about to become reality. Designed by the architects of Elite Home Theater Seating, the room has a home theater. Unique and original, the improved version of Batcave seems larger than life except the essential accessories to Bruce Wayne. A piece that draws the Batman universe in every corner.

It includes a library, a fireplace, a control center and even the costume of the superhero. Design thinking with real attention to detail! A rather successful reproduction that should appeal to moviegoers.

Piece that is not still within reach of all, it would weigh a little over two million dollars to appropriate its own Batcave, movie theater version.

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