Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A concept of ecological camper

A real camper of the future… It will simply elegant yet practical. The concept of designer David Howells Garryd revisits the form and functions of traditional motorhome.

Like other gear futursites, the motorhome of tomorrow will be ecological. Appointed Walamai Outback Explorer, the vehicle is flanked by a modern design, friendly enough. This enhanced version includes a camper and a tent inflatable integrated cable winch.

More functional, the vehicle uses wind energy to complete the load of the electric motor. Apparently, the designer has thought of everything, it even has a pheromone diffuser to scare away dangerous animals that is quite useful in nature. As for the interior, the car has enough space for the comfort of its passengers. However, the concept leans towards the rent and not for use in a personal capacity.

Purely a concept, David Howells Garryd was devised to explore Australia in 2025. Walamai Outback Explorer will become reality any time soon.

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