Monday, 10 September 2012

Headphones: a deluge of news! - II

Snakes hiss…

Discrete, but not too ... The range of in-ear headphones Quarkie proposed will allow you to travel light while you are doing anyway (a bit) says. Designed by a team of British designers and Asian models are available in four sizes and sold online at a price of 89 euros.

Second youth for Purity

Nokia Purity Pro, released just a few days ago at the IFA 2012 in Berlin, is a model change Purity, collaboration between the Finnish manufacturer and specialist Monster. While the design does not change substantially, it is in terms of features to look for novelty at that time as it becomes wireless and equipped with an active noise reduction. It will most likely be available during the fourth quarter of 2012, in four colors (red, yellow, black or white) and sold around 300 euros.

Fun & Off-Road

Recently presented at IFA 2012, in-ear headphones Rugged Image S4i Klipsch the U.S. is advertised as virtually any terrain and particularly weather resistant with the addition of various rubber components. The unit is equipped with a remote control equipped XL 3 buttons and a unidirectional microphone for hands-free calls from a mobile phone. This model will be available prior to a few weeks at a price of approximately 100 euros.

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