Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Avengers in Blu-ray: attention to the version!

This blockbuster released in the cinema in April is the third biggest hit of all time ($ 1.5 billion of revenue, behind Avatar and Titanic). Performance commercial side now expects Blu-Ray and DVD. History and be sure to delight everyone, 8 boxes are available on the French market.

Except, wanting to do, we lose. There are specific versions Fnac and Auchan, with bonus or not, with Blu-Ray 3D or not shriek with blue card ... or not.

Bonuses galore

On a strictly film and its bonus, it is necessary to distinguish the three versions of "base" at all brands marketed


- Blu-ray 2D and DVD

- Blu-Ray 3D, 2D and DVD

In terms of price, the conventional DVD begins € 15.99, Blu-Ray (+ DVD) 19.99 and the Blu-ray 3D (Blu-ray + DVD) € 24.99.

The DVD edition is the poor relation of the family and includes only behind the scenes. For cons, the Blu-Ray versions are more generously endowed (see box).

Bonus or aesthetics, Fnac and Auchan

Around this common base design offered bonus in a unique way by major retailers. They are the result of trade agreements that explain why we do not find the bonus versions Fnac proposed by Auchan. A purely marketing, which will require those seeking to enjoy all the specifics to buy multiple versions. The difference plays on bonuses and packaging, film and its quality are strictly in all cases the same.

Fnac provides two special editions in addition to 3 classic versions. Simply called "Special Edition Fnac", they rely on the Blu-Ray versions and Blu-Ray 3D. Lovers of aesthetics will be disappointed with packaging trite, but the curious can find 90 minutes of additional Blu-Ray Bonus: "The Marvel film universe." Issue price, they are displayed respectively 25 and 30 €.

This disc is exclusive to Fnac. For its part, preferred Auchan aesthetics Steelbox offering a limited edition (2000 copies). For a limited edition, the price is not a flight: € 30 for Blu-Ray 3D, 2D and DVD.

Price differentials with the classic editions are therefore of the order of € 5 differences altogether reasonable.

For its part, Amazon also offers a box "prestige". Point bonus disc or metal box here, this edition comes with four figurines in the box, in addition to Blu-Ray 3D. A value to every point of view: the pack is displayed at € 59.98.

There is one final point to be addressed: director's commentary Joss Whedon. No editing marketed in France benefits. It will necessarily turn to a copy sold outside the territory.

The collectors’ pack

ZoomReste can also offer, for a fee, a collector packs. In France, Fnac has only proposed at the same time as the output movie. It was a box of pre-booking, including many bonuses. At the official release of the film in the trade, a prepaid card allowed to retrieve the Blu-Ray (3D, 2D and DVD). Unfortunately, the 1000 all copies have already been sold.

For € 100, this limited edition included four figurines (Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor), the first episode of the adventures of the Avengers on paper and a guide to characters from the Marvel universe. The rest is more conventional, with a poster and teasers.

Those who have missed still have a chance to include a collector in their collections. A priori reserved to the United States, this box will bring together six adventures of the Avengers through 10 Blu-Ray (Captain America, Iron Man 1 & 2, Hulk, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk and Thor). Presented in the form of a suitcase, pack the Marvel Cinematic Universe called: Phase One - Avengers Assembled was proposed prebooking on Amazon. For now, it is no longer possible to order.

But with a little luck, there is a possibility to get your hands on this bag and its contents, including the Cosmic Cube and documents of SHIELD provided be patient and accept the prize: $ 140

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