Monday, 15 May 2017

How, When, and Why to Set a Connection as Metered on Windows 10

If you are still looking for an elegant solution for the manual control of Windows Updates, you should read these Windows 10 tips and tricks .

If you are traveling with your mobile phone or tablet via a mobile connection, the switched connection prevents large amounts of data, such as Windows 10 tips and tricks, Windows updates, etc., from being downloaded. Only when you are allowed to download (click on download), it will be loaded.

If you are now at home with a PC that has only LAN, it looks officially different. There is thus a function not offered. Windows updates are loaded and installed without request. But there is remedy. LAN (Ethernet) can also be activated as a switched connection.

Through the windows 10 tips and tricks , it is now possible to make this change directly in the settings. And so it goes:

Open Settings -> Network and Internet -> Ethernet
Here, press the name of the connection (Network Connected).
In the new window, Metered Connection appears.
In the Settings -> Network and Internet you will find under Ethernet no possibility. This change must be made in the registry. And so it goes: Press the Windows key + R Press regedit and start
To the path
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \
NetworkList \ DefaultMediaCost.
By means of this windows 10 tips and tricks it is possible in the new version of Windows 10 from the Creators Update, you can also make this network setting via the Windows Settings app. The appropriate setting can be found under the point "Network and Internet", then on "Ethernet", then click on the "Connected symbol" and then the following setting option appears. In the left tree, right-click on DefaultMediaCost -> Permissions, and then change the owner to Administrators or your user name. Confirm the name and set a checkmark at the bottom left to accept all the objects underneath.

If the owner has been taken over and the checkbox is set to Full Control, you can now change the rule entry.
In the right pane, double-click Ethernet and change the value from 1 to 2.

Save and reboot.

That's it.. Now, Ethernet (LAN) is set as a switched connection and is recognized by Windows as such.

Anyone who wants to reset the ownership rights for the registry key can do so. You just have to enter NT Service \ TrustedInstaller as the name, confirm it and the rule entry is protected again.

If one goes now in the settings to Windows Update and security and looks for updates, the message that "updates are available. They will be downloaded if you do not use a clocked connection. ".

Now you can manually download the updates whenever you want. Anyone who runs the Defender does not need to worry either. Unless the service is completely disabled, the defaults for the Windows Defender are downloaded directly from the Defender. Or you use through Windows 10 tips and tricks to load these definition updates manually via a script .

If you have a limited data tariff and want more control over the data usage, set this connection as a switched network. Some apps may work differently to reduce data usage when connecting to this network.

Microsoft also points to this setting again on the Windows Update page and explains.

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