Friday 5 May 2017

This is Google Jump Next Generation VR Camera Rig

Google Jump
Yi Halo/Yi360 VT

Yi Technology the Chinese company in the last two years, had made a niche for itself through its amazing proficient GoPro competitors. Presently the Xiaomi supported Yi is attempting to grow in the world of VR together with 360-degree video having two cameras.

This was announced at the NAB conference in Las Vegas where one is said to be for professionals and is known as the Yi Halo which had been created in partnership with Google while the other happens to be a consumer spherical camera known as the Yi 360 VR. The Yi Halo a 17-camera monster with the potential of shooting stereoscopic vide in 8K resolution at 30 frames per second or 5.8K at 60 frames per second comes at a price of 16,999. It had been designed to function with Jump a high-end VR creation platform which had been launched by Google in 2015.

The basic notion of Jump is to encourage VR film-making by removal of some of the huge barriers. Google tends to offer the general blueprints for the ringed camera rig together with server space for edging all the high-resolution imagery together and thereafter getting to kick back when hardware firms as well as film makers tend to create content for filling its promising Daydream VR platform.

Yi – First In Action Camera 

Yi is said to be the second company who has built a ring for the platform and last year, GoPro released the 16-camera Odyssey. The company has been utilising a modified version of 4K action camera in making up the Halo. The Yi Halo also tends to have another camera than the Odyssey which is said to be placed above the rig for improved capture of 360-degree footage directly above the head of the viewer when seen through a VR headset.

Besides this it also tends to have a smartphone app, a touchscreen control panel with levels on the rig structure for filmmaker. Moreover it has a capability for these small though meaningful benefits over what GoPro tends to provide.

 For instance, Yi had been the first in making an action camera which tends to shoots 4K footage at 60 frames per second which professional GoPro users tend to cry for since the release of the Hero 4 cameras.

Yi 360 VR – Release in June 

The spherical camera which GoPro had announced recently is the Yi 360 priced at $399 which can capture 360-degree video at 30 frames per second in 5.7K resolution somewhat edging out the 5.2K resolution of Fusion. Yi had showed up at NAB complete with specs for its announcement while GoPro had been thin on details for the Fusion.

The Yi 360 VR utilises a couple of overlapping 220-degree lenses, two 12-megapixel Sony IMX377 sensors together with an Ambarella processing chip to close the footage collected in-camera. Besides this it also tends to stream 2.5K footage at 30 frames a second over Wi-Fi and user have an hour of battery life. The limited release of Yi 360 VR would be made available in June.

 In the meanwhile, both the cameras would come to the US before making it to its home base of Yi in China. Sean Da, Yi CEO had informed `The Verge’ that while he hopes Chinese VR viewership to boom in the forthcoming years, this is due to the majority of `high performance, high quality video creators who tend to be US or European creators’.

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