Tuesday 9 May 2017

Google Trends Visualizer

Google Trends

Google’s Colourful Visualization of Real-Time Hot Searches

Google has unveiled an amazing and colourful visualization of real-time hot searches which is also appealing to the eyes. A series of charts was unveiled by Google late last month for most-searched users, places together with things in over 40 categories inclusive of movies, local attractions and sports teams. Towards the end of the announcement there had been a link to its new visualization page showing the latest trending subjects in various colours which seemed to move about the page. For instance, hot search term like, `Kate Upton’. `Tim Tebow’ together with `Game of Thrones Season 3’ tends to fly on various tiles and is replaced by some other phrases. Moreover, the search terms also pop up in various languages also. Google has come up with an sophisticated and an interesting visualization of real-time web search and if the user is keen to geek-out at information which Google is retrieving for its users, then this is best one could get. On viewing the web-page it seems like the tiles one would find on a Windows phone and they have a tendency to alter every few seconds keeping the trending updated. Searches for `Rafael Nadal’ tend to pop up on the screen just as a search tile for Nelson Mandel disappears.

Google Trend Useful for Researchers…..

Technology is said to be a prevalent field as searches for iOS 7 as well as MacBook Air are now trending steadily all through the day.Since the search engine of Google seem to take over the internet search market, statistical data regarding search keywords could be discerning.

Google Trends is considered to be a very great tool for researchers, website owners, marketers as well as SEO experts that has progressed over the years and presently could perform much more than just the top 10 most well-known keywords. Besides viewing the updated hot searches together with the most famous phrases of the earlier month, users could now view these top keywords trends in a cool visualization.

 If the user is inclined to select specific keywords, then you could compare and chart up around 5 keywords over a period of time and view the top as well as the increasing connected searches. Besides this you could also filter by time, location, category and kind of search such as web, image, news, shopping or YouTube, or even compare keywords in terms of time range and location.

Assists in Finding Present Trends

In addition to this, Google also has Top Charts that seems to show the user the most searched as well as trending keywords for each category. The user has the ability to filter or part the data depending on any time in the past and there is plenty that can be done with this data though it could be annoying that there is no official Google Trends API.

What could be the distinct features of the Android App known as Google trends Visualizer and how useful could this application be in the present modern technology scenario? Though Google made the trends visualizer there is no app on the play store called Google trends visualizer. The Google trend visualizer assists in finding out the present trends which is an amazing sleek style where one can filter by location or utilise it to view which are the most famous trends in the whole.

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