Saturday 20 May 2017

Creators of the MP3 Declare it Dead


Rest in Peace MP3 as creators pulls the plug

We have enjoyed the music on our mobile and other portable music players with the help of widely used mp3 format. But the creators of the MP3 has declared its demise as the penultimate music format which means music will no longer be made in the mp3 format. This format was developed about two decades ago by a German research institute and they dropped the ownership of it. The institute named the Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Circuits has stated that they had put forward a strong licensing program for the mp3 related patents but it has been terminated.

New advanced music format

Currently there are number of highly effective audio codecs boasting advanced features when compared to the old mp3 format. The current generation of the modern devices makes use of the advanced audio coding (AAC) and there is a definite move among the consumer electronics giants to place the MPEG-H as a new audio standard for some-time to come. This new audio format will offer an efficient storage option along with the immersive 3D audio experience to the users. Both of these formats are able to deliver more features along with the much needed higher audio quality at quite lower bitrates when it is compared to the mp3. It would come as surprise that the iTunes and Youtube are making use of the AAC as its main audio format for its service.

A number of tests has shown that AAC music format files does sound better than the old age format even at the same bitrate. Secondly AAC tends to be smaller in size even at the higher bitrate which means users will be able to get better quality music without wasting too much space on their file storage. The compatibility issue might be high for the AAC at the moment as it is only supported on very few mobile phones.

Age-format will still reign supreme

It should be noted that the developers had bid their farewell to the mp3 format but it will still be in wide usage on global scale as a number of people are still using the iPods and Mp3 based music players. It was developed during the 1980’s and gained huge popularity and support during the 90’s by emerging as the standard file type for the audio players, systems as well as the online music downloads. This format was developed accidently when developers were actually trying to find a smarter way of delivering music signal right over the telephone lines.

Later on this format was adopted for the distribution of the music using the compact discs and finally with the arrival of the Apple’s iPods it reached the heights of its popularity. The reason behind the wide popularity of this format was that it used to take just 10 percent of the storage space of the files. This format was also loved by the peer-to-peer sharing sites like Napster and the rise of the illegal downloads as well as digital piracy is also attributed to it.

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