Tuesday 9 May 2017

New computers could delete thoughts without your knowledge, experts warn


New age computers can delete user’s thoughts without their knowledge

It has been widely believed that the human thoughts are beyond the touch of artificial and physical entities and this helps in lending the freedom which shapes the existence of the human kind. But our technological advancements are culminating right out of science fiction into reality at an alarming pace. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that two biomedical ethicists are aggressively campaigning for the creation of such human rights laws which safeguards the human thoughts and instills the privacy of human brain due to the advancement in the neuro technology.

Human thoughts are in the hands of machines

It is worth noting that we already have such devices which have the capability to distinguish the person from having the politically right wing or left wing thoughts and sensibilities. In one such experiment researchers were able to read the participants mind with an astonishing accuracy of seventy percent. Quite recently Facebook has also revealed that it is working in secret on developing such technology which can help in reading the human thoughts which will help in typing while thinking but without the need of typing in reality.

In another case some of the medical researchers have been successful in connecting the paralyzed man’s brain to a computer which in turn helps in stimulating the muscles present in the arms. Our neuro technology is so advanced that that patient was able to move his arms and feed himself in this case. These ethicists has stressed on the unprecedented opportunities which will be made available to everyone due to widespread use and deployment of the easy-to-use neuro applications. These kinds of devices can be easily abused by almost anyone to look into the human thoughts and to cause physical, psychological, financial or other kind of damage to the concerned person.

New laws to govern the privacy of the human brain

These two activists have come up with four new human rights which will help in safeguarding the brain from the machines. It includes the right to mental privacy, the right to psychological continuity, the right of cognitive liberty and the right to mental integrity. This paper has been co-authored by a reputable professor named Roberti Androno from the Zurich University’s law school. He states that the brain imagining technology has evolved at such a pace that the legitimacy of its finding the criminal court has to be questioned. It shouldn’t be utilized as a tool for simply assessing the criminal responsibility.

On other hand consumer companies have started making use of the brain imagining and other advanced neuro technology for neuro marketing which helps in understanding the consumer behavior. Later on various marketing tactics are applied coerce the customers or shaping the human thoughts for their own benefit. Furthermore we already have such tools called brain decoder which helps in turning the bran imagining data right into the images, sound as well as text. These advancements do pose a huge threat to the personal freedom and the four exclusive new human rights laws are designed to provide necessary safeguards for it.

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