Monday 1 May 2017

Wi-fi on Infrared Rays of Light 100 Times Fast

Wi-fi connection is made simple with Wi-fi on Infrared rays technique. Wi-Fi network has turned out to be one of the common ways of having internet connection at home and office. Often, the wireless gadgets, used by us, consume much amount of data. As a result, the Wi-Fi system becomes congested. Slow speed of internet is a major issue, which often annoys us. We always blame our internet connection providers, whenever we face problem at any place. However, recently, some researchers of TU/e have found out an easy and effective solution. With the use of Infrared rays, they have made Wi-Fi connectivity faster at a significant level.

Thus, research process involves the use of safe Infrared rays for sending out data wirelessly within limited area. Retina of the user will have no impact due to this system. We can avoid bandwidth-related issue that we experience regularly while we link more than one device simultaneously in order to get the connection.

Faster connection for better experience-

The foremost thing, to be noted, is that the new system for Wi-fi on Infrared rays connection is really impressive. The capacity for sending data has also become increased considerably in Wi-fi on Infrared rays. Every Infrared ray has the ability to put out over forty Gigabits at every second, while the present one with the standard, 802.11ac, transfers only one gigabit/second. Thus, the rate of transmitting data will be forty times speedier in Wi-fi on Infrared rays. Moreover, as individual device has link to every ray, you will not have slow connectivity due to traffic.

Use antennae for utilizing IR light-

The head of the research team is Tom Koonen, and he has informed that their new technology is based on some simple principles. Besides, it is quite easy to install their Wi-fi on Infrared rays system, and its function for passing on signals depends on some light antennae. You may place this unit on any place, such as the ceiling of your room. Such antennae have the responsibility of supplying IR rays with the help of optical fiber.

These rays then reach each of the devices. The overall system is much affordable, and thus, the users will have no issue in utilizing it. In addition to it, you won’t require dealing with any moving accessory. There is also no need of using extra power.

The optical part of every antenna helps in distributing the rays to a specific direction based on wavelength. As everything is done with IR rays, you may not see any noticeable thing with your eyes. In fact, since Wi-fi on Infrared rays is different from traditional network of Wi-Fi, you will have no interference in connectivity.

However, Eindhoven researchers have tested the IR light just for the purpose of downloading. All the tasks of uploading are carried out with the application of conventional radio signals. It is because only limited capacity is essential to upload anything for most of cases.

According to the researchers, the new Wi-fi on Infrared rays technology will be available to all within 4 to 5 years. You need to choose new model of devices, which are compatible to this type of Wi-Fi connection.

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