Wednesday 10 May 2017

Solve For X

Solve For X – Platform for Discussion Radical Technology Ideas

A platform for discussing radical technology ideas in solving global issues is Solve For X which has been motivated by Google. This website tends to challenge the user in thinking big as well as to speculate regarding technological `moonshots’ which would alter the world for enhancement. Solve For X is said to be a think tank project that has been launched by Google in order to motivate collaboration in solving global problems where `X’ signifies a undertaking.

On February 1, 2012, the project had kicked off at a three-day convention in San Martin, California, at CordeValle Resort. Its talks were offered and hosted by Google executives Eric Schmidt, Astro Teller and Megan Smith to 50 individuals. The website had been inaugurated on February 6, 2012. The conventions are anticipated to take place `a few times a year’.

The platform has been connected to TED talks as the projects seem to host seminars by innovators that can be seen vicariously through the respective websites of the projects, by others. Bruno Giussani, European director had commented on Google endeavour stating that the world requires additional ideas not fewer and more commitment in sharing openly and freely in order that we could test run them collectively and turn them into reality.

Discover the Value for X

Since Google had been the source of this, it is obvious that technology and engineering would be playing a dominant role in Solve For X. Initially, Solve For X was believed to have been linked to the Google X lab which has been working on new technology like web-linked appliances, space elevators and driverless cars though according to eWeek reports that Google X is united to more realistic undertakings and not the `moonshot’.

Solve for X solution was intended to pursue.Almost half of all the instructions in algebra book have a tendency to state something alongside the lines like `solve the following for x’. Solve For X means to discover the value of x which would make the equation seen to be true. For instance, consider the equation – x + 1 = 3. If asked to solve the same would mean discovering some value for x which would give three when one is added to it.Solving an equation is what it is all about.

This formula is to work irrespective of how complicating the question may be. The difference is that with simple equations such as these, there is a possibility of thinking about it and arriving at an answer.

Solve the Equation – Discover its Solution

However confusing the equation may tend to be, more work would be needed in arriving at a precise answer. Overall, the concept is the same. In mathematics, to solve an equation would be to discover its solution which is said to be the values fulfilling the condition which is stated by the equation. This would comprise of two expressions related by an equality sign.

A solution is said to be a task of expressions to the unknown variable which tends to make the equality true in the equation. A solution is said to be an expression or a collection of expressions, where, when substituted for the unknowns, the equation seems to receive an identity. Solving an equation symbolically is said to be that expressions which may comprise of known variables or probably variables which are not in the original equation, admitted as solution.

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