Thursday 16 July 2020

How to Merge PDF Files Windows 10

How to Merge PDF Files Windows 10
Have you ever had multiple PDF files that you need to combine into one single document? If this is you then you’re in the right place. In this post we’ll be teaching you how to merge PDF files Windows 10. It’s not hard to do too. Plus the main clincher is that you don’t need to buy a designated PDF file editor to merge files either.

When it comes to using a mac all you need is a tool that is built in the macOS itself. This is not so with Windows 10. When it comes to using Windows you need to use another app. This can be the free online open source ones, which we don’t recommend by the way, or they can be other designated apps. Open source PDF file editors use the invisible metadata stored in your PDF files to gain access to your computer. How they may use it afterwards is anyone’s guess.

So without detracting too much let’s begin…

How to merge PDF files Windows 10? 

When it comes to merging PDF files on Windows 10, you have two options- a free limited third party app or a well designed one.

If your PDF file editing needs are minimal then downloading the free version of PDF file editors is the best option. A great option when it comes to downloading a free PDF editor is PDFsam. You can do so from If you happen to take the free option remember to uncheck the enhanced version before you download it. This is only free to preview. To keep, it’s going to cost you around $49.

Using PDFsam in learning how to merge PDF files Windows 10: 

It is a great free option when it comes to meeting your PDF editing needs. It takes you to a spacious interface which allows you to not only merge two or more PDF files but also split them if that’s your intention. Besides simply taking two PDFs and putting them together back to back you can also combine them to have the pages of one mixed with the other. In other words you can place the pages of one PDF wherever you’d like in the other.

The catch with it is that going through the interface isn’t an easy task. You definitely won’t be able to compare it with what you have with commercial apps like Adobe. To merge files you have to drag and drop them in the PDFsam it window. You can also specify the pages you want in each document, but to view what those pages are, you’ll have to open up the PDF document in another application. You can preview the PDF file in Microsoft Edge or Adobe reader.

Finally when you want to actually merge the document all you have to do is to click on the run button and the merge takes place, for a lack of a better phrase.

There are many third party apps that you can try out. Simply go on to Google and look for pdf merge options. Another cheap and effective pdf merge tool is perfect PDF combine. With this tool in place you can edit a number of files and merge them too. So this how you can merge PDF files Windows 10.

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