Monday, 24 August 2015

5 Urgent Questions about Windows 10 Answered


It’s been a month since the launch of Windows 10 with early reviews being positive. However on a particular site readers have reported everything from smooth sailing to minor issues to serious problems that have made them go back to Windows 7 or 8. These types of issues are probable with major new software. Some of the questions answered are:

1. Does Windows 10 really share Wi-Fi automatically? 

Windows 10 has features known as Wi-Fi Sense which tends to make it easy for friends and family to get on your encrypted Wi-Fi networks and they do not have to type in a password, where Microsoft tends to log them in automatically.

2. How can one tell if there are potential compatibility problems Before installing Windows 10? 

Some users are apprehensive about upgrading to Windows 10 and then find out that a critical program or piece of hardware does not work. However one can get the revelation on the potential issue prior to hitting the upgrade button. To start with one could get Windows 10 app icon in the notification tray at the bottom right corner of the screen and then right click on it and select `click the upgrade status’. On the screen that appears, click the icon with the three horizontal lines in the upper left area and from the menu which drops down, you could click on`check your PC’. The app brings up either `yea’ or `nay’ on installing Windows 10 and list some of the items on the computer which may not be totally compatible and could miss out on things, though it should give a general idea on whether an upgrade would be smooth for you or not.

3. Are there any critical features in older versions of Windows that Windows 10 does not have? 

The same is based on the definition of `critical’. Windows 10 has dropped some features which some people tend to rely on. The one which most of the people find it upsetting is Windows Media Centre. Media Centre is Windows program enabling you to watch as well as record TV using third party TV tuner cards in the computer. It is also a good way of managing and interacting with your videos, music and the other media. This can be replaced with a free program known as Kodi though it is advisable to test it prior to upgrading. There are six more features which Windows 10 has dropped.

4. Is it true one can’t refuse updates? 

Microsoft has decided that with Windows 10, all security as well as program updates would install automatically the day they are released. This is logical for security since most of the Windows users all across the globe do not install updates and thus their computer tends to get vulnerable to attack.

5. If one upgrade and does not like Windows 10 can one undo it? 

Thirty days after upgrade, one can go back to the version of Windows one has upgraded from. By going to Start>>Setting, opt for the Update & Security icon. Thereafter go to Recovery section and under `Go back to Windows 8.1 or `Go back to Windows 7’, you could click `Get Started’.

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