Thursday, 13 August 2015

Google’s Alphabet

Google took the world by surprise when it announced its creation of a new parent named “Alphabet Inc”. Google had made it clear at the announcement that this particular entity is intended to build any products and brands. However many companies having similar name were quite taken aback with this development and viewed it as a potential trademark infringement instance if Google goes further by bringing in products and services under this brand name.

Google founders Page and Brin had cunningly given the name Alphabet to its newly created parent entity, which will specifically house the Google search business along with other smaller holding. Among the smaller holding, the most important ones are Nest, which is a maker of smart thermostats, Calico, which is focused on longevity and a division, which focuses on developing smart contact lenses and driverless cars.

A lot of firms use Alphabet in their names

Alphabet is rather a common name, which finds itself in many derivates and moderations among the companies listed in US and worldwide. Within US there are 103 trademark registered which includes the word Alphabet or in some other variations as per the database with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. These registrations had been done by companies coming from various fields such as computer games, furniture, clothing label, books, toys, children accessories makers and others.

On Wall Street, there is a company which goes by name Alphabet Funds. Another company Alphabet Energy in Hayward, an Alphabet Plumbing in Prescott, an Alphabet Record Company in Austin along with numerous inns, restaurants and preschools using Alphabet in its name with different variations.

Conflicts might arise with Google’s Alphabet

BMW a premier carmaker already has a robust subsidiary car division named Alphabet, which manages the fleet management at BMW. On a good note, it already possesses the premium domain name There are chances of Google finding itself broiled into trademark infringement by using the same name and providing similar kind of services to the end users. Since Google is not going to offer similar goods and services there is no likelihood of creating confusion among the consumers at the moment.

Larry Page envisions a separate road for Alphabet

During the announcement, Google CEO Larry Page had made it clear that the new parent company namely Alphabet is not intended for creating a big consumer brand with related products rather it will provide the independence in creating and developing their own brands. Regarding the choosing of name Page emphasized that alphabet actively represents a language and it even signifies “core of how we index” in a Google Internet search.

A history getting into troubles

Google had even experienced legal over intellectual property in the past. Google is frequently targeted by the companies, which claim it off aggressively violating their patents. Currently Google is handling a severe copyright battle with the Oracle Corp exclusively over the royalties, which are used in the Java programming language and being used by Google in its Android operating system.

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