Saturday, 8 August 2015

Raging Birds 2 Has Landed! Now Downloadable for iOs, Android Free

Rovio has finally launched the much-awaited iteration of the Angry Birds mobile game named as Angry Bird 2. New version offers a highly revamped slingshot game play mechanisms, which is a commendable upgrade over the earlier version. Finnish developer Rovio Entertainment has launched the first iteration of the Angry Birds six years earlier in December 2009. This game is highly popular among both Android and Apple device users, which enables it, feature it top ten games all the time. Angry Birds is also known as Raging or Mad Birds across the different parts of the world.

What features are introduced in Angry Birds 2?

Rovio has done some tremendous job in up scaling the fun and excitement in the game through the better slingshot gameplay mechanisms, better graphics, boss stages and pandemonium. This new game also possesses a ‘destructo metre’, which helps the players in gaining more birds, which makes the level quite easier.

Angry Birds has a fast forward feature, which enables the player to cruise through the carnage and final encounter with style and pomp. This game will allow the users to use their money in performing various in game purchases for completing the levels easily and quickly. Angry Birds also brings in game daily tasks and a feature of watching more and more ads for gaining cards which can be utilized to make the game highly challenging, engaging and strategic in every perspective.

Amazing design and new character finds its way in Angry Birds 2

Rovio had made some subtle change in design, graphics and added more character in Angry Birds 2. Newer version showcases exotic plants, funny animations and quirky details along with wide number of dangers. A character has been introduced named Silver which is a juvenile bird with piggy attributes. Silver has superb flying skills and player can easily summon it during the game where never they feel like.

Angry Birds 2 Rise Above Spin Off Games

Angry Birds 2 has been almost after six years in which many spin off games had made their way in the play stores. Some of the spin-off games are Birds Star Wars and Birds Rio, which were based on the original Angry Birds game. Even these became popular within a short time rising on the wave of the popularity of original Angry Birds. But Angry Birds 2 is all set to take away the popularity back to itself with abundance gameplay options, features and user experience.

Use In-Game Purchases & Be Vary Of Angry Birds 2 Bug

Angry Bird 2 does have the in game purchases wherein a player can full chest of valuable gems and shells just at $9.99. These gems can help in accelerating the game and give an opportunity to the players to play more. Gems aid in overcoming the levels faster and make the gameplay much easier than before. Within 12 hours of its launch Angry Birds 2 registered more than 1 million of game downloads across the world. Some of the players are picked out a bug in Angry Birds 2, which seems to exhaust the phone’s battery quite faster than the earlier version.

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