Friday 14 August 2015

Britain Set to Build Incredible Experimental Motorway Which Charges Up Electric Cars as They Move

Britain is all set to test the new electric highways technology, which promises to power up electric cars on the go. The world is looking for new smart ways of lowering the reliance of conventional sources of energy, which ends up damaging the environment with increased CO2 output. Electric and hybrid cars had been in fashion for quite some time but it couldn’t generate wider scale adoption due to various factors. With the introduction of electric highways in England later this year people can give a serious thought over the environment friendly electric and hybrid cars.

Off roads trials soon to begin in England

Highways England will be undertaking the off road trials of this new technology which can easily the power the electric and hybrid vehicles. The trials are said to be first of its kind, which will test this technology potential. It will also test the safety quotient along with its effectiveness on country’s major motor ways and major A roads. Such roads will allow the people driving the ultra low emission vehicles over to a long distance without the hassle of stopping by and charging the car’s battery.

How this technology works?

During the off road trials electric and hybrid engine vehicles will be fitted with wireless charging capabilities and it will be charged by equipment built underneath the road surface. When such vehicles ply the road, they will be able charge wirelessly without the need of stopping and charging the vehicles at all. If this trial happens to be successful then this advanced electric highway technology will be brought on major motorways and major A roads throughout the country.

Highways England chief engineer, Mike Wilson was quite upbeat about this technology and stated that in order to keep pace with the advancing vehicle technologies and to support growth of ultra low emissions vehicles this technology will be utilized to its full potential. The wireless power technology will certainly help in creating sustainable road networks in England. It is also expected to open up new opportunities for businesses, which deal in transporting the goods within the country. In short Highways England is committed to bring this technology on a wider scale if happens to be successful.

Government support likely to spurt up the electric highway technology

Government has shown immense faith in this new technology and it has already committed to offer 500 million pounds over the next five years. This money will be utilized to bring wide scale adoption of this technology, which will help, in boosting the jobs and growth across the various sectors. Transport minister Andrew Jones emphasizes the potential to recharge low emission vehicles on the move, which is a great advancement in itself, and it offers far more exciting possibilities.

Making the low emission vehicles accessible to a greater number of families and businesses will become easier with the electric highways. It should be noted that at present more than 35000 electric cars registered in the UK. Apart from these trials, Highways England is also committed to install plug-in charging points for electrics after 20 miles on the motorways network.

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