Monday, 3 August 2015

A Fiber Optic Internet Connection for Your Home

If you use the Internet in your home for your personal entertainment, for your business or both, you need to look at what fiber optics offers you. You may have heard that a cable Internet connection is the fasted possible for your home, or perhaps you enjoy the speed and reliability of a DSL connection from your local phone company, but until you experience fiber optics, you do not know what speed on the Internet is really all about.

What makes fiber optics different?

This technology is different from an Internet connection over the phone lines or cable wires because it does not use traditional copper wire. Copper causes a signal to lose power over distance as the voltage drops across the resistance of the copper. The speeds that can be transmitted across copper are also limited by the signal loss inherent in copper. Fiber optics does not use copper as a conductor of the signal, because the signal is not electrical in nature. Fiber optics uses light as the means of transmitting data. Without the power or signal loss inherent in copper wire, fiber optic technology allows for a greater distance of transmission, and it allows for greater amounts of data without significant signal loss.

If this technology is so good, why is it not available everywhere?

The truth is that someday it will be available everywhere, and the Internet over the phone and cable lines will become obsolete. The problem has been that an entire fiber optic network has to be laid down. At the time of this writing, more than a quarter of the nation has access to this high speed Internet technology.

Should I get a fiber optic connection?

It is completely up to you, but there are a couple of considerations. The moment you get this high speed connection, the limitation on speed while surfing the Internet will be your computer, so you should have a computer system that is compatible with high speed Internet use. This simply means a computer that can view movies and other videos on the Internet, and perhaps play many high speed online games. Also, if you have several people using the same Internet connection in your home, fiber optics is for you. Not only is it high speed, but it can handle a large amount of data, so everyone can use it at once.

The fiber optic network is being rolled out in all 50 states and is being added in new locations every day. A fiber optic internet in Oakland connection can be found through AT&T.

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