Monday, 10 August 2015

How Google Quietly Revved Up Its Very Own Car Company

Google is all set to surprise the big names in automobile industry by secretly registering its car company way back in 2011. For a long time Google tried to work with big names in the car industry to develop its ambitious self driving cars. At the North American Auto Show, which was held in January, Google announced that they were having serious talks with major car plays such as General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler.
The project lead for the Google’s self driving cars Chris Urmson even went on to say that manufacturing cars is hard and a tedious job which is aptly done by the car manufacturers and it will be wise to find a partnership rather do everything by oneself. Unfortunately, no partnership had come into being till now.

Chris Urmson emerges as Google Auto LLC CEO

The most viable reason of not coming up with any partnership is that Google already had its own Company named Google Auto LLC registered in California. This company is registered as a passenger vehicle manufacturer with both the national and international organization across the world. Google subsidiary as ‘car manufacturer company’ received its license last year as a dignified car maker in California and being headed by no other by than Chris Urmson.

Legal documents brings more insights

All this is revealed by the Guardian had after obtaining legal documents through Public Records Act request in California. Legal documents even show that Google Auto was formed as a limited liability company, which was used initially by the parent company to modify and test its fleet of driverless Lexus SUV’s. Google Auto LLC finds itself mentioned as the sole manufacturer of 23 autonomous Lexus cars registered in California. Interestingly all the vehicles have been involved a number of minor accidents in and around Google’s home town of Mountain View. However, no law suits were filed in these accidents and it is quite common among the large businesses to set up subsidiaries in order to try new and risky projects.

Signs of Google’s rising ambition

Over the years, Google had shown incredible sign in the rise of its driving technology marvels. But nobody had perceived this might have grown with presence of a secret car making company in the veil. Google Auto LLC was in being since 2011 and just last Google appointed Chris Urmson as the manager of the Google Auto which gave him the reigns of company’s daily operations. By the nest day Google took the world by surprise when it announced that it is all set to build 100 prototype self-driving cars right from the scratch. The prototype cars created a sensation when it was said that these cars will not contain any steering wheels, accelerator or brakes.

Google Auto LLC applied even for the VIN codes in order to identify each of its self-driving cars like other car manufacturer. It organized emission testing in California and in order to avoid safety requirements and crash, test it and kept its cars lightweight with low speed capability. All of these activities simply show that Google’s ambition is always to go through research to the end product with doubt.

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