Sunday 23 August 2015

The Clever Design behind Google’s OnHub Router


Google’s Wi-Fi Dubbed `OnHub”

Google has recently unveiled a new Wi-Fi router which has been dubbed `OnHub’ which tends to solve all Wi-Fi related issues and though mobile technology has made great headways in recent years, the routers that are utilised today have not made much improvements. Routers have not been particularly sensational technology, but now Google is making attempts to change it.

OnHub is invented to be easy to set up as well as to manage it with high performance and also to be able to tie together smart home accessories. The device seems like an Amazon Echo, a remarkable cylindrical tower though the two devices are unlike each other. OnHub tends to be purely a router and not a speaker or an option to access Google Now. It will probably be on sale from August 31st at a cost of $199.99.

OnHub has unique features with antenna design, smart software for enhanced performance, an associated app that can make adjusting router settings very simple than tinkering around with confused piece of hardware having blinking lights. OnHub’s main selling point tends to be that it is easy to set up as well as effortless to troubleshoot.

OnHub in the Open - Amazing Impact on Wi-Fi Performance


Speaking to Wired Trond Wuellner, Google product manager had explained that keeping OnHub out in the open and not buried on the floor has an amazing impact on the performance of Wi-Fi. It can get connected to iOS and Android phones through what seems like a clean and fashionable app that informs the owners how many devices are connected to the OnHub as well as the type of speeds they are receiving.

Google states that the router’s circular design should enable it to have better penetration through a home, with around 13 antennas inside it, the router can also automatically identify the best channel to broadcast on and comprises of support for 802.11 ac as well as 5GHz Wi-Fi. OnHub was developed in partnership with TP-LINK and according to Wired, it is said that a second router is also developing in partnership with Asus.

Google has promised to bring in new features to the OnHub over a period of time. OnHub is a kind of change from the existing router market wherein one expects most of the home routers to get firmware updates often, installing them needs a lot of effort. OnHub tends to handle it all automatically.

OnHub – Smart Home Hub


Presently, it does not seem like the router has any surprising software features, though the way Google conveys about OnHub, seems like there could be some interesting research coming up. Some of the interesting features which Google has are that OnHub tends to support Bluetooth LE and Weave, Google’s new smart home language which would ultimately enable OnHub in serving as a smart home hub.

It is likely that in that case, OnHub will be more in common with Echo. Echo which is a simple device has got Amazon into home which could expand and start offering more service and OnHub would be the same over a period of time. Presently its focus is not clear on what are its intentions of tying the devices together. The device seems to be already sold out on the Google Store though it would be difficult to weight the significance of the fact without the knowledge of how large the initial supply seemed to be.

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