Saturday, 8 August 2015

Facebook Hackathon Gives Super Mario Millennial Touch

The nature and habit of playing games have changed a lot in the aftermath of introduction of internet and online gaming options. The erstwhile outdoor or indoor games have taken a backstage and online games are now in hot demand and not only children but people of all wakes and age are now addicted with various online games.

The ongoing and still flourishing online game has become a billion dollar business throughout the world and newer opportunities are opening up for online games and apps developers, who have the potential to carry forward this business to another level of success. Super Mario is one such online game, which entered in to the gaming world with a bang and immediately won the heart of millions and still considered one of the best games, produced ever.

A Brief about Super Mario game

The well known Japanese company, Nintendo Co., Ltd. developed, almost 30 years back, the famous platform video game Super Mario, which comes in a series as Super Mario series. The simple game follows the mascot of Nintendo, Mario in his adventures in the fictional kingdom of Mushroom, where Mario is essentially a player character, occasionally accompanied by the brother, Luigi.

The concept of the game is; Mario and his team use to run or jumps platforms at different level to beat the enemy for rescuing of Princess Peach from the clutches of kidnapper Bowser, the principal antagonist. As per the record up to March, 2011; almost 262 million copies of this game are being sold out and makes the Super Marion, the best selling game series in the history of online games.

The New Developments and Special Features

Some of the developers in facebook hackathon have developed the super Mario series, with some add ons, a far more interesting and exciting game, compared to the erstwhile version. The facebook hackathon is nothing but a time bound workshop or event, organized by facebook, where computer programmers, along with other associates, occupied themselves in development of computer software and hardware, which often involved professionals, such as, project managers, interface and graphic designers.

The intensive collaboration of different software developers and professional are the key issue in this hachathon, which is also known as kack day, codefest or hackfest. In all these events, there are lots of innovative or add on features are being developed by professionals and now they have developed the Super Mario to a new touch.
A team of well versed professional, who took part in the facebook hackathon, had taken the initiative to develop the Marion Super game to another level with more excitement and enthusiasm, according the present day scenario and available options.

Their main target was to give the already famous game some contemporary touches that can makes it popular among the millennial kids, most of whom born in this century. The original inventor and developer of the Super Mario series, Nintendo is planning to release the newest version of the game, with the millennial touch that developed in the facebook hackathon, on September 11, 2015 to mark the thirtieth year of anniversary of the game.

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