Monday, 3 August 2015

This Handy Tool Lets You Unsend Emails -- But There's A Catch

Most of the time people regret after sending an important mail filled with typo and other errors in a hurry. Sometimes people even type something in their fit of anger which they shouldn’t in sane condition and accidently click on the Reply All instead of ‘Reply’. Just a second after sending the email these errors are noticed by the user and unfortunately there is no ‘unsend’ button in email to retract the last sent mail and save your face.

A new solution to unsend emails

A simple and powerful extension has been developed by the Criptext Mail for the Google Chrome and Apple Safari web browsers. This extension will provide much needed feature of ‘recall’ which will prevent the recipients from reading the messages if you accidently send a regretful mail.

Point to be noted here is that it will not stop the email from sending nor it will unsend the mail itself rather it will prevent reader just from reading the contents. Furthermore users can even add an “expiration timer” to their messages and once the set time limit is reached this extension will automatically recall the mail.

Google Unsend Feature Integrated In The Gmail

Criptext Mail recall option might seem revolutionary and much commendable but Google had also earlier launched a ‘unsend’ feature in its Gmail which received much praise due to time limitations. Google unsend option has to be enabled by the users and it a cancellation period has to be set which ranges from 10 to 30 seconds. It simply once you had sent a mail you will just 10 to 30 seconds to unsend the mail which is not as appealing as the Criptext Mail solution.

The shortcomings of Criptext Mail Extension

Criptext allows the users to recall the email at any point of time once a mail has been sent. But this extension is also have its own share of flaws. One such thing is that Criptext extension appends a large signature advertising service to any mail sent by the user. It appears upfront and above the mail body which says :”Hi, I’ve sent you this email using Criptext for Gmail and Outlook”.

It is very likely that most of the recipients will overlook the mail as a promotional mail forwarded by you. At first it will hard for the recipient to notice that you are using third party service to send mails. A pro version of Criptext extension will soon be available for the users which offer to get rid of the long drawn signature.

How does Criptext Mail extension works? 

Criptext had found unique and innovative way of converting messages into images and later on they are encrypted. This prevents the messages from being scanned by bots as they appear to be animated elements. Furthermore the recalling option doesn’t remove the mail from the recipient’s inbox but the image version of the message gets deleted. In this manner recipients will be unable to read any of the content present in the mail but they will wonder what had you sent.

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