Thursday 27 August 2015

Ten of the Best Football Apps and Games

This upcoming new season of football can be enjoyed in a much better on the tablet and smartphone by using some smart football apps. Here are some smart football apps which offer more than just checking scores and reading recent news.

Flick Click Football Free on iOS & Android

This football game is all centered on scoring goals by just flicking the fingers on the screen and avoiding the alert defenders and goalkeepers. The response for touches is highly improvised and offers highly tuned flicking mechanics for perfect gaming experience. This game brings a variety of modes from just hitting the bulls-eye targets to scoring as much as you can within a set time limit. This game is loaded with in-app purchases, which offer to increase the intensity of the game and improve the skills of the users.

Stats Zone by FourFourTwo Free on iOS & Android

This game is seen as a spin-off from FourFourTwo magazine, which in the past has brought some smart statistics in its pages, which offered new insight in the football dynamics. This football app is great at bringing smart statistics ion form of graphs and numbers on the screen carefully managing different leagues and teams. It taps the Opta database in order to retrieve match statistics therefore its able to provide intense and in-depth data related to player performance and gaming attributes rather just checking scores.

Corner Available Free on iOS & Android

Corner is a football app, which offers an incredible help in locating the nearby pub in UK, which showcases the football matches on the TV. It offers fast and easy way of choosing the match and sees which nearby pubs are showing it in their premises along with other details like the kind of foods being served, WiFi connectivity as well as beer gardens.

Ultimate Fan Live Free on iOS & Android

Most of the people use a wide number of fantasy football tournament ranging from the Telegraph fantasy tournament to official Premier League game. Ultimate Fan Live brings an interesting spin on this format by bringing the best experiences by just signing up and creating a new league with your friends. It is a live form of fantasy tournament wherein users can choose just two players before the match and points are earned later on by performing all the action s in the game, which helps in boosting up the total.

OneFootball Free on iOS, Android and Windows

It is a highly popular football app, which offers a great avenue to look out for news, statistics and scores for the fans. It offers some popular features like push notifications, minute-by-minute commentaries, one-to-one and group messaging service and others. The app design is neat and carefully organized to display results in a friendly manner. It is available for free on three popular mobile based OS namely iOS, Android and Windows and is filled with in app purchases to enhance its usability and utility.

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