Friday 23 October 2015

Composite Cement used to Frame Vonschloo Home Speakers


Loudspeakers of Composite Cement for Vonschloo

Estragon, Zurich based studio, had developed loudspeaker made of composite cement for vonschloo. The choice of using composite cement was initiated due to the material being one of the best available for acoustic cabinets. The team spend a lot of their time in exploring the possibility of this material before embarking on the precise design for the material involved.

The company had been influenced by the `folle’ an archaic sound object that has been utilised in the Swiss Alps for centuries to call the `alpsegen’. When compared to the several electronic products, the team desired a 360 degree design to be appealing from all side thus permitting these speakers to be placed in a variety of surroundings. With the combination of composite cement, wood, metal and fabric it created a sophisticated and minimal look.

Due to the warm, rough and irregular material of the casing when compared to the smooth and delicate stand provides the product with a unique visual character. There are two different configurations for the loudspeaker where the only difference between the two configurations seems to be the stands. These can be altered at any period of time. Floor standing loudspeaker along with its stand is motivated by the designs of the 50’s and 60’s and is precise for free placement in a living area.

Eternit – Amazing Acoustic Properties

The material Eternit, cement composite was decided for artistic reasons. Besides having amazing acoustic properties, it tends to combine form and operates in a harmonic way. Since Eternit does not seem to be the most common material, it was only on working on that it had enabled the team to actually design the speaker casing which was due to the support and patient of Eternit – Schweiz, AG. On successful development of the speaker, the team were offered the opportunity of designing the complete identity of Vonschloo.

 The look and feel of the brand should imitate the characteristic of the product. Moreover, the logo as well as the website estragon also directed the photography. The second version is a shelf loudspeaker which has a compact stand. Its simple design tends to adapt to its surrounding.

The L242 Loudspeaker for vonschloo enables a clear visual statement with its reduced and focused utilisation of material together with the finish. It comes with a price of 2880 CHF, around $2,995 USD.

Idyllic Speaker – High Quality Sound/Fashionable Design

The L242is the idyllic speaker for users with high quality of sound and fashionable design. The characteristic of the design of the loudspeakers is simple having all the essentials, the inspiration being the Folle, a traditional wooden funnel utilised for ages for the Alpsegen.

Its clear and unique design language gives the loudspeakers an iconic appearance and due to its 360° design, the speakers tend to speak to the viewers from all angles. Owing to this, it has the possibility of being placed as an object in a free living atmosphere.

With regards to the case, this high-quality component and the experienced technicians tend to guarantee a sound which is exclusive, together with its exterior appearance. Its point source enables a tranquil sound with high detailed sound image. The housing on the other hand are cut and fashioned manually in the Eternit Switzerland AG.

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