Friday 2 October 2015

Top Gadgets and Accessories for Hardware and Data Security


Encrypted Hard Drives to NFC Blockers

Hardware security solutions could help in preventing access to data and tends to offer some strong protection against tampering as well as unauthorized access on the devices. In order to securing data and physical items, one could consider investing in an encrypted NFC hard drives.Encrypted hard drives to NFC blockers have various options of protecting yourself and your data. The following gadgets and accessories could be helpful to the users according to their requirements:

Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC encrypted storage

Encrypted drives such as the Buffalo’s MiniStation Extreme NFC encrypted storage HD utilises NFC technology to prevent unauthorized access to information that could be stored on the device. User would find it difficult to unlock and access information from external smart card, removing the requirement for a password which could be tampered. An added benefit of the storage device is the military grade shock, dust and water protection which tends to protect the data from getting corrupted or lost in the event of it being dropped. One could get hold of a 1TB option for $129.99 or a 2TB drivefor $199.99.

iStorage datAshur Pro USB 3.0 secure flash drive

Should the need of something secure though smaller be essential, iStorage’s datAshur Pro USB 3.0 secure flash drive is the choice. Focused for business and government users, the flash drive includes FIPS 140-2 level 3, CESG CPA Foundation Grade together with NLNCSA level 2 accreditation together with 256-bit hardware encryption, a read only protect mode. A brute force hack detection tool is also included which tends to aid in keeping the data secure in case of theft or loss. The range of datAshur Pro is available from £69 to £129 in 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB models.

3M mobile device privacy filters

These are available for smaller mobile devices and laptops and are a sure way in stopping users from snooping on your phones when one could be using their devices. The anti-glare, transparent screen is placed across the display which tends to reduce the visibility and stops anyone from viewing at an angle. The right size depending on the dimension and brand with varying prices could be obtained accordingly.

Laptop Lock

One could consider investing in a simple laptop lock for a simple way of protecting the device and the data. Ruban’s laptops lock and cable system is available at $9.90 which is complete with a four digit lock that can swiftly attach the PC to a table when left for a moment. Though being away from the desk for a short while could mean that you come back to an empty surface, this simple lock could prevent a lot.

The Wocket smart wallet

A cause for worry for consumers is theft or loss of their credit cards. The Wocket smart wallet helps to store securely these cards together with permitting a one-time uses of various credit cards through a single physical card that has been provided by the company. This helps in enabling you to replace all the cards with a single one. To use the physical card one could swipe the credit or loyalty cards, get the verification of the identity through a PIN code and biometrics and thereafter Wocket utilises a wireless connection to pair with a payment provider. Chip and PIN does not support this system. One could store up to 10,000 cards together with other data inclusive of passwords.

Mobile device PIN codes, biometric scanners

This seems to be an easy to setup option in protecting the device and does not cost much, sadly often overlooked. By taking time in order to set up a digital PIN code password or a pattern on mobile device or to take advantage of biometric fingerprint readers, could help in stopping your personal data going into wrong hands in the event of theft or loss.

Yubico YubiKey Neo

These ranges of items are keys that tend to secure application. The keys which are adequately small to fit on the keychain tends to plug into devices to secure apps and services inclusive of remote access VPNs, password managers, online logins like Gmail and open source and enterprise solutions. The YubiKey backs the USB and contactless protocols, one-time passwords, OpenPGP and PIB. They can also be configured for utilisation with the Universal 2nd Factor –U2F protocol. YubiKey NEO or NEO is available for $50.

Silent Pocket RFID blocker

With the combination of fashion together with the post Snowden flow in privacy trimmings, Silent Pocket’s v2 range come with smooth leather wallets, briefcases as well as bags comprising of flat magnetic seal for the prevention of RFID, cellular, indicators getting through from Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth. By averting these signals from getting to your cards, users could help in the prevention identity and credit card theft together with device tracking, staying off the grid in the process. The v2 range can be pre-ordered and is available in the price range from $16.95 to $675

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