Thursday, 2 January 2014

Free Best Android Launchers 2014

Nova Launcher
Smartphones are the best tools to stick with the current trends and the information that are going around the world. But most of the people love to have their phone with custom personalization with their own styled interfaces. For them, the launchers are the best choice to customize their mobiles, and also they can change the icons according to their wish. In this post, I have shared a little information about the world best android launchers for their mobile.

1. Nova Launcher: Nova Launcher is the best android launcher which has been ever released. And also it is suitable for the one who wants to try the custom android launcher for their mobile. You can download number of launchers to your mobile from the Google Play store, but none of them can beat the performance of the Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher is the best one and practically it is the fastest launcher among the various launchers for the android mobiles. If you were using the custom launchers for the first time, then you can surely go for Nova Launcher. The main reason behind the Nova Launcher is that, the user interface in the Nova Launcher is fantastic and can be used by any kind of users.

2. Go Launcher: Go Launcher is other best launchers for your android mobile; the Go Launcher has amazing interfaces with more advance features. This one is recommended for the advanced users and the Go Launcher has many themes which can be perfectly suitable for your mobile. Go Launcher allows you to customize your themes for the mobile and you can easily change the various component appearances in your mobile. Even you can get various additional plugins for your Go Launcher application. You will be in dilemma when you want to choose a perfect theme for your mobile, since all kinds of themes will look great in this launcher.

3. Launcher 8: Launcher 8 is another android launcher which is perfectly suitable for the person who likes Windows 8 operating system. Suppose if you cannot afford a Windows mobile at your budget, you can buy an android mobile and also you can install Launcher 8 in it. It will provide you the whole interfaces similar to the Windows operating system. Launcher 8 has also more features similar to the previous ones, Launcher 8 supports from android versions 2.0 and higher.

4. Apex Launcher: Apex Launcher is a fantastic one, if you didn’t like the Go Launcher and also the Nova Launcher. The Apex Launcher is simple when compared to others, and which makes it easier to use. Apex Launcher loaded with tons of features and various levels of customization can be done in your mobile by using the Apex Launcher. But the main thing is that, the Apex Launcher will supports from the android version 4.0.3.
The above sorted list of android launchers are the best one while comparing to the other launchers that are found in the Google Play store.

How to Schedule or Send Email in Future in Gmail

Gmail Scheduling
Sending Email is becoming a trend in the internet, and also nowadays everyone used to send various informations through the email only. But in some cases, we would have forgotten to send the emails to various peoples and in some important cases; we would send the emails in wrong dates to the recipients. In some cases, we would have forgotten to send emails to our beloved ones for their birthday and forget to send emails in many cases. Suppose, even if you were forgetting emails, but the receiver gets it on the exact day, how would you feel for that. In some cases, you can even schedule the emails according to the dates and send them on the exact dates. In this article, I have discussed about the Boomerang for Gmail, from which you can easily send various scheduled emails to your friends and also for other professional activities.

What is Boomerang?

Boomerang is an addon or a plugin which is suitable for the browser such as Mozilla firefox and also for the Google Chrome. The Boomerang allows you to take over the complete control of your email account, especially Gmail account. When you were sending emails to the recipients and also when you were getting emails from the others, the Boomerang will monitor the activities of the Email account.

How to Use Boomerang in your Gmail Account?

Boomerang is an addon for you browser and you can download it from the Browser Extension center. Once you have downloaded the Plugin in to your browser and activate it in your browser. That’s all, you can send emails and receive emails as similar to your previous email account. But if you use the Boomerang services, you can use your email account with more control.

Steps to Enable Boomerang in your Email account:

As I have discussed earlier, Boomerang is an addon which can be easily installed in your browser. But there are few steps which can be followed inorder to enable Boomerang in your account.

1. Open your browser, it must be Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser, then Visit the Boomerang Website. 

2. Click on the Install Button in the website; once you clicked the Install button, the Boomerang will starts to install in the Browser.

3. Just click the instructions which are appearing over the screen and click next on your Screen until you complete the Installation Process. 

4. Once you have completed installing the Boomerang, the Boomerang will automatically starts to work in the Browser, which makes you to use your Gmail for Ultra-Easy way. 

5. Once it has been installed properly, just send the emails as you do in the Original Gmail account, and then click the send button. It will as you an option which shows that Send Now or Send Later.

6. By clicking the send later button, you can easily set your time for the email to be sent from your Gmail account.

Popular Hunting Guns and Accessories

Many people enjoy hunting in the great outdoors. Of course, hunting involves firearms, so it is important to find a firearm that you can use safely and comfortably. In order to do this, you have to know what kinds of hunting weapons are on the market. You need to use a gun that is suitable for your hunting location, and the animals that you intend to hunt.
The bolt action rifle is a well known hunting gun. This has become a mainstay amongst hunting enthusiasts. It can be used to hunt deer, or large game on a safari. These rifles are very safe and only require one shot to kill an animal. A few of the most popular models are the Mauser M98, the Winchester Model 70 and the lever action rifle. The latter named weapon utilizes a lever on the trigger for bullet cartridge loading. Lever action rifles are a favorite with hunters, because they can fire bullets quicker than bolt action rifles. Many hunters use this gun in marshlands and forests. Examples of lever action guns are the 1895 and 1894 Marlin Models, the Savage Model 99 and the Browning BLR.
Another kind of hunting gun is the semi automatic. This is available as a shotgun or rifle. Normally, semi automatics are used to shoot deer and birds in areas that are not heavily populated (for safety reasons). Examples of this type of gun include the Remington Model 750 and the Ruger Model 44.
Lastly, there is the pump action (or slide action) shotgun. This is slower than many other guns, however it enables the hunter to combine different kinds of loads. The Remington Model 7600 is the most famous pump action shotgun.
Downrange wads were designed by hunters, for hunters. They lessen the accumulation of plastic in the barrels, and are excellent for hunting and target loads. They allow you to achieve the maximum spread, without many gaps in the pattern. Downrange wads are crucial for shotshell reloading, because they occupy additional space inside the hull. This ensures that there is no space for the powder and shot to move about. Also, they function as a barrier inbetween the shot charges and powder. This facilitates correct powder ignition, and protects the shot from seal gasses and hot gasses. This enables the shot to be launched down the barrel. Moreover, these wads serve as dual barriers, which prevent the barrel from being harmed by hard shots, and prevent soft shots from being deformed by making contact with the tough barrel steel.
The problem with government imposed gun regulations is that only law abiding citizens would turn in their weapons. You would have to be very naïve to think that criminals would take any notice of legislation banning firearm ownership. In a society where the private ownership of guns is forbidden, only the government and law breakers own firearms. Hence, unarmed citizens are helpless to resist anyone who tries to oppress them. In practice, gun ownership deters more criminals than it helps.
Article written by Fred Dorsey.

Sony Going To Release Windows Phone Smartphone Soon!

Sony Vaio

Mid-2014 might seem a smart phone from Sony with Microsoft's mobile operating system Windows Phone. Such a device would then appear under the Vaio brand. Yet but was probably not signed a contract. Microsoft is currently negotiating with Sony; that the Japanese electronics company to bring a Smartphone with Windows Phone in the market.

The reports surfaced the internet and this information is with reference to a person who is familiar with the plans. Such a Windows Smartphone could be released in summer 2014 and would then probably sell under the Vaio brand. At Sony, already there are ongoing projects of prototypes Windows Phone Smartphones inside.

Still now no agreement was signed between Microsoft and Sony, so there is a chance that the project also could still fail. Reasons for this could be requested by Microsoft royalties. But the question which software Sony Vaio must pre-install on a Smartphone, here could lead to problems. In September 2012, the Sony Mobile head had denied working on a Smartphone with Windows Phone. He disagreed with a statement of another Sony Manager. Earlier, Pierre Perron, Managing Director for Sony Mobile in the UK and Ireland, explains Sony would examine the evolution of Windows Smartphones.

Since the change from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone, there is no Sony Smartphones with a Microsoft operating system was exhibited. By 2010, Sony offered (then Sony Ericsson) phones with Windows Mobile 6.5. The last one launched was the Windows Mobile Smartphone namely the Aspen; it was released in February 2010.

Since then, Sony Ericsson had fully focused on Android Smartphones and in recent years no device with another operating system is in production. The first Sony Ericsson Smartphones was running the Symbian Smartphone operating system and later came Windows Mobile Smartphones to do so.

Some time there was Sony Ericsson parallel Smartphones with Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android. Sony Ericsson had developed a prototype Smartphone based on Windows Phone 7 under the name Julie, but never given a device with the Windows Phone platform on the market.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Oppo launches N1 smartphone with CyanogenMod OS for 450 €

CyanogenMod N1
The Oppo N1 with pre-installed Cyanogenmod as the operating system is available in oppos Online Store now. For a cost of 450 Euros the same is available as the regular N1, in addition there is the CM- sleeve free.

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo is now offering as announced their latest top Smartphone N1 with pre-installed Cyanogenmod as the operating system in their own online shop. As usual the N1 with Android 4.2 and the Oppo - user OS Color is offered. The Cyanogenmod edition of the N1 costs 450 Euros just as much as the regular N1, plus there is even a special Cyanogenmod protective case.

Unlike the regular version of the Smartphone, Cyanogenmod -N1 comes with only with 16 GB of flash memory and not even with 32 GB. The CM version of the N1 is limited and could sell out fast. Shortly before Christmas 2013, the makers of CyanogenMod had announced that the limited Cyanogenmod Smartphone comes with Cyanogenmod 10.2.

This version is based on Android 4.3. In addition, the device is Google certified, so offers the factory both Google Apps and access to the Play. It comes with 5.9 -inch display and rotating 13 - megapixel camera Striking features and special characteristic of the Oppo N1 is the moving camera with 13 megapixels, autofocus and dual LED photo light. The camera can be rotated 206 degrees so that they can also be used as a front camera.

Included is the Bluetooth remote control O- Touch, with which the user can remotely trigger the camera. The display of the Oppo N1 is 5.9 inches in size and has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The used quad-core Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm 600 runs at a clock speed of 1.7GHz, the RAM is 2 GB in size. The Cyanogenmod -N1 costs 450 Euros and is currently in stock.