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Thursday 24 July 2014

Enlighten and update yourself about the best 5 android launchers.

To make the Android OS faster and even more easilyaccessible, the Android Launcher is used. They are considered to be apps and can be fetched from the Google Play Store. The launcher serves as the application for your home screen. It launches the different other apps downloaded on your phone. Generally an Android phone comes with a default launcher, but if yours doesn’t have one, downloads it from the Google App store.

Let us give you a glance of the best five Android launchers you could use.

Nova Launcher: This launcher has the highest rating from its users. This app can be highly customised as per the user's requirement, and significantly accelerates the performance of the phone. Accurate and efficient tricks replace the style icons of the age-old Ice-cream sandwiched version with the newly launched, updated version Kitkat. To use this launcher, the phone should have an Android version of 4.0 and above.The home screen can be made to look even more attractive by adding interesting, yet subtle shadows that seem to induce depth to the screen, giving it an eye-catching effect.

ADW: This launcher has been widely used and accepted. It is compatible with android phones having versions 1.6 and above. There is a wide range of designs that innovative designers have come up with, from which you can choose. Its compatibility with old versions of android has made it more acceptable. Some people have been found to hold a fondness towards the previous versions. Using this launcher, you could make your Kitkat version look like Gingerbread. It also has options of themes used in Ubuntu, Black Glass, Minimalist and themes used in devices like Galaxy Note III and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Action Launcher: The large number of users of this app have given positive remarks and recommended this app too. The launcher requires use of an android version 4.0.3 and above. This launcher makes your home screen even more interactive and organised. They create and launch different widgets that can be accessed by swiping the app's icon. You can launch the home screen from the right edge of the screen. It includes a feature called covers that can be used to group icons. The Shutter option can be used to group widgets.

Apex Launcher: This launcher requires your phone to have an android version of 4.0.3 and above. It is a host to a large number of happy users. It provides attributes like elastic scrolling of the screen and also equips a desktop that can be locked to ensure that no changes are made to the phone without prior permission. The interesting transition effects, splendid drawer-styles and an updated theme engine with plentiful designs for skins and icons are available. Popular designs from third-party companies, like the theme of the much-desired HTC Sense UI, are also available.

Transparent Screen Launcher: This launcher can be used by android users with versions 2.2 and above. The transparent screen concept is truly an innovative idea, but unfortunately it has not been executed properly. The idea is that the home screen of your phone will appear transparent which will be done by using your phone's camera. You can thus enjoy the provision of viewing what is behind the phone screen even when you keep looking at the screen.

Thursday 2 January 2014

Free Best Android Launchers 2014

Nova Launcher
Smartphones are the best tools to stick with the current trends and the information that are going around the world. But most of the people love to have their phone with custom personalization with their own styled interfaces. For them, the launchers are the best choice to customize their mobiles, and also they can change the icons according to their wish. In this post, I have shared a little information about the world best android launchers for their mobile.

1. Nova Launcher: Nova Launcher is the best android launcher which has been ever released. And also it is suitable for the one who wants to try the custom android launcher for their mobile. You can download number of launchers to your mobile from the Google Play store, but none of them can beat the performance of the Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher is the best one and practically it is the fastest launcher among the various launchers for the android mobiles. If you were using the custom launchers for the first time, then you can surely go for Nova Launcher. The main reason behind the Nova Launcher is that, the user interface in the Nova Launcher is fantastic and can be used by any kind of users.

2. Go Launcher: Go Launcher is other best launchers for your android mobile; the Go Launcher has amazing interfaces with more advance features. This one is recommended for the advanced users and the Go Launcher has many themes which can be perfectly suitable for your mobile. Go Launcher allows you to customize your themes for the mobile and you can easily change the various component appearances in your mobile. Even you can get various additional plugins for your Go Launcher application. You will be in dilemma when you want to choose a perfect theme for your mobile, since all kinds of themes will look great in this launcher.

3. Launcher 8: Launcher 8 is another android launcher which is perfectly suitable for the person who likes Windows 8 operating system. Suppose if you cannot afford a Windows mobile at your budget, you can buy an android mobile and also you can install Launcher 8 in it. It will provide you the whole interfaces similar to the Windows operating system. Launcher 8 has also more features similar to the previous ones, Launcher 8 supports from android versions 2.0 and higher.

4. Apex Launcher: Apex Launcher is a fantastic one, if you didn’t like the Go Launcher and also the Nova Launcher. The Apex Launcher is simple when compared to others, and which makes it easier to use. Apex Launcher loaded with tons of features and various levels of customization can be done in your mobile by using the Apex Launcher. But the main thing is that, the Apex Launcher will supports from the android version 4.0.3.
The above sorted list of android launchers are the best one while comparing to the other launchers that are found in the Google Play store.