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How to Get Your Android Notifications on Windows 10

How to Get Your Android Notifications on Windows 10

One of the reasons why people pick Apple over Android is the inter connectivity Apple allows. iPhones, iPads and macOS can all be synced with one another, allowing you to see you’re notifications on any Apple device that you’re currently on. On the surface Android too lacks such a feature but Android’s open source feature allows third parties developers to add things that Google’s does not include with their stock version. One of these so called third party developers happens to be Windows. Windows is using such a feature to lure Android users into their web of customers. Apart from bringing in the much needed inter connectivity, you also get Android Notifications on Windows 10 as well.

Requirements to get Android Notifications on Windows 10: 

As the title suggests you’ll first need to be running Windows 10 on your PC. The version has to be the April 2018 one and later.

The next requirement is of you Android device. Your phone needs to have Android 7.0 Nougat or later for you to get notifications on your PC.

The First Step is to Install an app: 

The first step in getting Android notifications on windows 10 PC is to install the “Your Phone Companion”, which is an app onto your Android device. This app, courtesy of Windows, is available in the Play Store for download.

The next Step is to get your PC to know your Phone in other words install your Phone onto the PC:
As a small side note if you happen to have Windows 10 version October 2018 or later you can skip this step. The app already comes Pre- installed. If not, then continue with the above mentioned step as follows:

Once on your PC go on to the Microsoft Store app and search for “your Phone” app. Continue with installing it. If you don’t have a Microsoft account you’ll be prompted to make one if you already have one the go on and install the app.

Once you have the app installed and open it you’ll be prompted to give your phone number. This is to send text messages to your phone with details of the accompanying app to install. We mentioned this app in the first step.

Connect your Mobile Device to your PC to get Android Notifications on Windows 10: 

The next step is to open the app on your phone and once there you can click to get started. Press the continue button and follow the prompts given. These prompts are to ask you for all the necessary permissions and such.

If you happen to have problems with any of the prompts you can simply go on to the home screen and then onto the app drawer. From there you have to long press the “your phone companion” icon and then select the app info button or the small- I. On the next page you’ll be given a list of options select “Permissions”. You will then be allowed to go one by one to each section to enable permissions. Once this is done you can open the app again.

Once in the app press OK to get to the next step. After that you can switch to your PC to continue the next steps to get Android notifications on Windows 10.

On your PC open the app that you just installed- “Your Phone”. Once you have the app opened you’ll get a prompt asking you to allow so and so phone to connect to the PC, press allow. With this step your phone and PC will now be linked.

Now to Enable Notifications onto your PC: 

On your PC itself press on the Your Phone app. Choose notifications and get started. After this you will get an option to open the settings on the phone. Grant permission and move on to your phone where you should get be asked for permission to sync your phone’s notifications with so and so PC. Much like when you make a Bluetooth connection with a new device.

Once you’ve given permission you’ll be taken to the notification access menu. Once this is done scroll through till you reach the “Your Phone Companion app” toggle to allow permission. After this is done you can return back to the app on your phone by pressing the back button.

After this you’ll have to switch over to the PC for the next step in how to get Android notifications on Windows 10. On the PC you will have to press on “open settings on phone” in the app. The notification page will now show you the notifications you receive from your Android phone so long as the phone and PC remain synced.

Customize what you Receive: 

Everything is all set up now, but there are a few adjustments you can make to get a better experience. In the “You Phone” app on the PC scroll down to the bottom of the page to see some of the available options. For our post we’ll be concentrating on the option of allowing only certain apps to notify you. Once you click on this you’ll then see a list of apps you get notifications from.

Simply choose which apps you want to receive notifications and the others you can disregard. To not get notifications from certain apps toggle to the left. Others you can leave as is. This brings us to the end of how to get Android Notifications on Windows 10. But before you go there are some points you might want to take a look at first…

The Things to look out for: 

While getting notifications on your PC seems convenient there are just some things only your phone can do. One of which is accessing Smart Reply, at this stage this is a feature you can access from only your phone at present. There is also the case of the privacy feature. While you may have kept certain messages private on your phone these same messages won’t appear on your PC as well.

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