Friday, 1 July 2016

Avanti Headphones have the Sound to Match their Excellent Design


Moshi’s Pair of Lustrous Looking Ear Headphones

It is not difficult nowadays to locate headphones with excellent performance across the range of frequency and Avanti seems to be an appropriate choice. Moshi, an audio company has created a niche for itself in making accessories for all kinds of portable devices and during the CES earlier this year had come up with their pair of lustrous looking Avanti ear headphones. Its styling is amazing considering the company’s taste in crafting attractive accessories.

They seem to be more compact over the ears than the average ones and the thin metal headband is said to be lightweight though padded adequately for comfort. It comprises of a hinge mechanism which enables the headphones to fold in for compressed storage. The gentle clamping force, soft foam pads and being light weight enables the user to have them on for a longer period without the feeling of discomfort.

Besides this they are somewhat angled to conform to the shape of your ear which probably backed the ability of noise-blocking. With ergonomics in mind, the ear headphones enable the user to enjoy their favourite track for hours without getting tired. Its curved headband is designed to place the soft adjustable earcups, forming a precise, noise-isolation seal while applying the least pressure on the ears.

Headphone Radiate Refined Luxury

Made from stainless steel together with soft leatherette, the headphone tends to radiate refined luxury in a uniquely discreet design.Though the designs of Avanti is said to be light and compact, high efficiency 40mm drivers tends to deliver a full bodied sound which competes the audio quality of bigger headsets. Its bass is said to be succinct though smooth while the mids/highs can be tuned to offer sophisticated as well as immersive soundstage with wide vibrant range.

Mids seemed to be raised nicely and the tame bass means that there is no blow up to the sound. Instruments surrounding the midrange such as cello as well as the electric guitar tend to present excellent timbre, which make them sound more realistic than one would expect from headphones of such highs. Highs on the other hand are more disruptive and one should ensure that you are listening to high quality source.

Highs/Mids – Amazing Brightness/Balance

These headphones seem to be some of the better over the ear headphones providing a vast soundstage for something so small. The box like the headphone does not have anything which is unnecessary and its neat design is something which has been carefully speculated at every turn. On flipping the top case open, one is greeted with an illustration on the flap which tends to look like it has come from a museum accompanied by an elegant carrying case which looks classy with a case, a cable and a toilet paper square worth of instructions.

Marked Right/Left, the headphones folds up for a good compact unit while travelling. The cable and the mic tend to work well though the remote seems to lack a bit with no volume control, with only just stop/reverse/forward track. The highs and the mids tend to have an amazing brightness which balances with one another while the bass though present is not overpowering. If one seems to be looking for elegant headphones for comfort while travelling as well as ideal for multiple varieties, then the Avanti is the perfect choice which are priced $199.00.

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