Friday 27 May 2011

Sound of LightSpeakers

The lightspeakers, these bulbs carrying a famous speaker are increasingly appreciated. Their evolution in both quantity and quality seems inevitable. Among the most recent include Sound of Light.

Bearing its name, Sound of Light is a bulb enclosure system that broadcasts the sound as it diffuses light. This "lightspeaker" is equipped with Bluetooth technology that connects between the speaker and the remote source. MP3, tablets and smart phones can act as a source. Powerful enough, the system Sound of Light is equipped with a 2.4 GHz transmitter Texas Instruments PurePath Digital Signal Transmitter. The system has a range of 90 meters. As with most lightspeakers, Sound of Light is equipped with LED lighting. Equipped with an amplifier Texas Instruments PurePath Class D 25 Watts, it may be associated with a subwoofer.

Besides the musical light and the transmitter, the system comes with a remote control. Sound of Light is expected this summer. Its price is announced at 210 Euros. And 90 Euros is more for an additional lamp.

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