Monday, 30 May 2011

FlexBOOK, a laptop with a foldable keyboard and screen

FlexBOOK, a laptop with a fold able keyboard and screen

While flexible displays are still in development, ideas are constantly pouring in, giving life a hopeful concept for the future. Amid of the concepts are quite latest FlexBOOK.

FlexBOOK is a portmanteau word formed by combining the words "flexible"and "netbook". This laptop concept is unique not only to be folded at the 21:9 screen but also at the keyboard. It is therefore possible to bend over backwards for the device that takes up very little space. The screen can rotate 180 degrees on the hinge and can be removed. Once removed, it works just like a tablet with a screen of 11 inches. If it is folded in the middle, it immediately becomes a netbook with touchscreen keyboard or a reading lamp displaying two pages.

Concerning the appearance has a hull FlexBOOK interchangeable with contemporary design and flashy colors. The user has the choice between several different textures and colors. FlexBOOK is a concept created by designer Hao-Chun Huang Taiwan for the Fujitsu Design Award 2011.

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