Sunday 8 May 2011

Photoshop Premiere Elements and other bundles

Amazon offers discounts of 21 to 38% on the full versions or updates to Photoshop Elements 9. Bundles combine software for image editing public to his alter ego for the video (Premiere Elements 9) are also in the game. The deal is valid until 15 May.
Also noteworthy is the MacBundle Pro which remains valid for 6 more days. It contains 9 applications for $ 19.90. Speedy Mac offers quick access to your applications, files or documents.  What SizeMac measures the size of folders and files to remove any larger one.   AppDelete (VF) cleanly removes applications.  Raskin is a alternative interface that replaces the Finder by exploiting multitouch trackpads.  Breeze automatically arranges the windows of your software. MacTuneUp (VF) is a maintenance utility for Mac OS X.  ProtectFiles protects files and folders by a word password. Quokka retains the last ten items passed through the clipboard.  Finally Share is a simple way to transfer a file from one Mac to another.

Finally, there remain four days for the bundle MacLegion and 10 applications for $ 49.99. A medley with some well-known titles as the manager of calendar and address book Contactizer Pro Forklift FTP software, the pitcher Launchbar or the creator of screencasts ScreenFlow. The bundle is valid for 15 days and the 9000 first customers will be entitled in addition to HDRtist Pro.

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