Thursday 5 May 2011

The tablet self-sufficient Ecopad

Further sources of renewable energies most common piezoelectricity could be destined for a bright future. Several designers have already presented concepts operator piezoelectricity to generate electricity from environmentally friendly manner.

This time, they discovered a 100% ecological conceptual tablet that uses this property to consume constantly. The concept is called Ecopad and the trio of designers who have achieved announced that the tablet does not need to be loaded. According to statistics, a major user of tablet presses on the touch screen 10,000 times in one day. The principle of the three designers is simple: convert the energy generated during this support into electrical energy. Knowing that the direct piezoelectricity is electrically polarized body through a purely mechanical phenomenon, the use of this property is then an interesting solution. As this property is specific to certain body only, a piezoelectric film nano will be installed below the touch screen.

Korean designers Yonggu Do, Jun-se Kim and Seo Eun-ha are the creators of the concept Ecopad. The tablet self-sufficient has been designed for the competition "A Life with future computing.

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