Thursday 26 May 2011

The Sony sites once again victimized of piracy

In Japan, Greece, Thailand and Indonesia Sony has suffered more attacks on several of its sites.  Another blow after the hacker hacked NSP and SOE.

Sony has clearly become the favorite target of hackers from all backgrounds. In Japan, its subsidiary So-Net (an ISP) has suffered a computer intrusion. An IP address has sent 10,000 connection requests, the hacker who had probably account names certainly made ​​use
of a password generator. He managed to convert loyalty points to 128 accounts for loot of 1225 dollars. 73 other accounts have been visited and 90 email addresses exposed.

Greece, Thailand and Indonesia, the problem is different since they are the sites of Sony Music which is   victim of hackers. Here, IDs, personal details, passwords and email addresses were stolen. In late April, Sony has seen its PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment were hijacked and robbed many personal details. Sony apologized and proposed compensation for its clients. These setbacks have cost $ 172 million in Japanese society.

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