Friday 6 May 2011

New file system for Windows 8

Microsoft had to abandon WinFS, a new file system that it had begun to develop for Windows Vista and which should also allow searching by Meta tags as permitted Spotlight on Mac OS X.

This was obviously only a postponement: looking closely at the beta version of Windows 8, which has leaked on the Net, Sandro Villinger was able to find the trace of a pilot named "NT Protogon FS driver.

ZDNet conducted its inquiries, and to believe Rafael Rivera Protogon would include concepts from databases, such as transactions, cursors, and columns and tables. It seems that the driver is also able to emulate or replace NTFS, the file system of Windows NT used by default in Windows 7.

Protogon has to remains to be seen whether know a destiny of this file system different from WinFS.

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