Tuesday 24 May 2011

The Hi style Player Concept Leia

It is not always easy to find an accessory that meets the needs of young girls worry about their looks. Nevertheless, the designer Nino Wilson seems to have found something that suits them: the player Leia.  

This is an MP3 player designed specifically for the ladies. Like other high-tech items for stylish young ladies, Leia also serves as a fashion accessory. While most MP3 players on the market may have an attractive form, Leia has no definite form. Indeed, the player has a flexible body allowing it to be wound on the wrist to become a bracelet or around your neck like a necklace. For more convenience, the headphones do not have wireless and communicate with the player via Bluetooth. Design and adaptable, Leia is also designed to reflect the personality of its user. This MP3 player is at the concept stage at present. It was designed for Sony Ericsson.

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