Friday 27 May 2011

New Windows 7 Phone Mango

The number of innovations claimed by Microsoft in the future update of Windows Phone. Called Mango, it seems to upgrade the mobile OS to compete. After the announcement Microsoft Windows Phone Mango, demonstrations in support. Among the 500 new products announced, many are obviously very technical, but others bring new value added to the OS, allowing it to have all the cards to compete in terms of functionality and Android iOS face.

Thus, Olivier Ribet, Director of the Mobility Division at Microsoft, tried to group them into three broad categories: communications, mobile applications and Internet. The first of them includes all interactions with contacts. Similarly, social networks are embedded directly in the hub contacts. In addition to Facebook and Windows Live Messenger already present since the first version, Microsoft is now adding Twitter and LinkedIn. It is also possible to consolidate its e-mail boxes into a single icon on the home screen and consolidate its e-mails per object. Finally, we can tag your photos directly from the names of the persons therein. The pictures will be automatically shared with them as well, potentially through the cloud SkyDrive storage system.

The Windows7 Phone applications are not left behind. Jean Ferre, director of the division in charge of the developers made it clear: "There are now 17,000 applications compatible with Windows Phone".

In terms of features, it is now possible to place on your home screen for a shortcut to a particular content within the application, as a product in a price comparison. It is also possible for developers to integrate the content of their applications within hubs or search results.

Finally the Internet side, the Internet Explorer browser and 9 will be compatible HTML5 will take advantage of graphics acceleration phones. A new feature called “Around Me” is proposed to add.
Note also that new technical specifications for platforms used by manufacturers will be unveiled before the release of Mango (which will be held in autumn), allowing in particular to build entry-level phones more affordable.

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