Friday 13 May 2011

L-Bar Lady, LED watches for the ladies

After the French concept MultiWatch, L-Bar Lady added to the list of LED watches intended mainly for women. Lady Bar LED Concept Watch, LED watch is a conceptual conducted by Laszlo, the Hungarian designer. As might be expected from the first glance, it was designed for the Japanese company Tokyoflash.

 L-Bar Lady is outside a fashion accessory. It looks more like a bracelet design at an ultra modern that shows it. The watch has no dial; the time is displayed in an original way on the bracelet. The body of the bracelet is covered by the semi-transparent plastic and chrome demarcated borders. The watch uses features LED lights to indicate time.

The features are arranged in two columns, the number of strokes on the left represents the time while those to the right indicate the-minute interval of five minutes. For details of minutes, you should refer to lines arranged horizontally above the column.

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