Thursday 19 May 2011

Sony PSP-NGP becomes the "PSVita"

The new handheld console from Sony, so far known by the codename "NGP", seems to finally have a final name will be unveiled at the upcoming E3. According to a brochure, which stems directly from Sony and published by the Pundit Games site, shows the appearance of the console and its new name: "PSVita”.

It would be a brochure that could be distributed in the aisles of E3, after the long opening press conference of Sony, which will be held on June 6. It shows a handheld console to look very similar to the current PSP, with a second analog stick on the left, under the action buttons, according to images released to date by Sony.

If it is not excluded that this is a clever editing, photo booklet, which is spreading like wildfire on the Internet for several hours, originally came from a blog hosted at Blogspot, and to which access has since been restricted. According Games Pundit, which incorporates information from this blog, all this would come from an anonymous source close to Sony.

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