Thursday 12 May 2011

Aqua, Volkswagen hovercraft

Yuhan Zhang designer, creator of the concept Aqua decided to change the classic image of Volkswagen. This young Chinese, just 21 years old, conducted for the firm Germanic concept VW amphibious Aqua. This is a hovercraft that can evolve on land as on water. Side appearance, the vehicle resembles a sports car that has airbags in the front. At the rear, it has two engines and two high side thrusters. These last two retract and act as the rear wheels. Vehicle design does not detract from the style unique to Volkswagen. VW Aqua has only two seats and a door at the rear. The all-terrain vehicle does not emit any CO2 gram.

Aqua carries two green engine a fuel cell engine and hydrogen-powered electric motor. The latter hydrogen powered motor deals exclusively with propellants. This hovercraft stamped WV was designed for the contest CDN Car Design Award China.

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