Saturday 21 May 2011

EC 145 Mercedes Helicopter

Having made a name in the automotive industry, the firm Germanic Mercedes-Benz sees further for its future. And further higher apparently since the manufacturer has just completed a helicopter ready to flirt with the clouds.

EC 145 is the name of the new flagship of the brand with the star. This is a luxury helicopter manufactured in cooperation with Eurocopter. Its design is inspired by Mercedes-Benz R-Class. It was presented for the first time in Switzerland at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition. Inside the helicopter is simply luxurious. It has a wooden floor and comfortable seating to custom designs. The seats are mounted on rails and can be arranged depending on the situation. An upscale interior worthy of the name must incorporate features high-tech and modern Mercedes-Benz has respected the rule. The helicopter can carry eight passengers at most. Moreover, it also has a refrigerator and a space designed for golf equipment or bicycles.

EC 145 due out late this year. The price is not announced yet but we can expect that only people with deep pockets can get it.

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