Sunday 15 May 2011

Endless, a modular lighting system

Endless is a lighting system, modular design that must be primarily to Jason Miller, the artist and artistic director of the group Roll & Hill, which specializes in contemporary lighting. Endless is a multiple lamps, glued in pairs, forming rolls, and these can be attached in turn at their bases. You can create different shapes with the whole system, according to users' tastes.
Lights can be hung on the wall or suspended. The possibilities seem to be infinite for this lighting system that bears his name quite well. Aluminum, steel and acrylic were used on Endless. The lamps use an LED light. Endless is officially part of the collection 2011 for Roll & Hill. It was presented in New York at the ICFF exhibition (International Contemporary Furniture Fair).
 Advertised price:  $ 6,000 for a set of 5 cylinders.

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