Sunday 1 May 2011

Up-in-the-air, A hanging refrigerator

Zhang Wei designer has found a rather unique method for keeping food fresh. This involves the use of devices acting as refrigerators hanging from the ceiling.

These refrigerators are baptized Up-in-the-air. Here, it is not to suspend height wardrobe. Physically, an up-in-the-air is a container of hemispherical shape with a handle. To use it, you put the food to keep cool in a container that you will install in the container of hemispherical shape, then hang it from the ceiling. The handle used to pull down and hook the "refrigerator". Zhang Wei was inspired by the traditional method practiced by the Chinese to keep their food fresh naturally. Up-in-the-air cooling process uses a gas operator. It loads remotely through a wireless device.

Up-in-the-air and is currently a concept but it might interest those who need space in their kitchen. However, not sure this concept is most convenient to keep all food fresh.

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