Monday 16 May 2011

Swivel: A Smart Adjustable Power Strip

While multiple outlets are very practical for powering multiple devices at the same time, we are often in trouble when it comes to plug several devices at once. Chargers and adapters are often large and block the other outlets. It comes into play the concept of Cyber Demon called Swivel. This is a power strip both adjustable and intelligence with which it seems more convenient to charge and power a variety of devices simultaneously.

Swivel has five outlets that can be manually adjusted to accommodate the plugs and chargers for various devices. They can rotate up to 180 degrees for more freedom. Thus, by plugging into an outlet on a device with a magazine is quite large, we do not condemn that are taken next. It's not all, Swivel is able to recognize each device that branch there. Beside each is a view taken in the form of dial, highlighting an icon representing the device that is fully loaded.

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