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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Charging by induction

Obviously the question of power amplified speakers that are powerful enough with 2 x 6 W RMS. DEA has solved this problem very elegantly because food is by batteries with a battery life of four hours and recharge, simply stand on the pedestal. The load is done by induction. So it's a sham assured when the neighbor comes to visit. And the builder also did not stop in so good way, because the station is also capable of reproducing music from a PC or Mac wirelessly using a USB dongle provided.

Wireless Speakers

Approaching, we find that the speakers are placed on the station. You just have to take responsibility for where we want to win. And this freedom is just as much sense as the full wireless dock. It is thus possible to deport the sound where you want regardless of the source, just as one can also play with the two speakers to widen or narrow the stereo image.

The range is about fifteen feet, less if there are obstacles like thick walls. Outdoors, we move on to a block away, a practice for the terrace or garden if you're lucky enough to have one or. The standard transmission is a kind of WiFi owner on the 2.4 GHz band.

IPhone Dock: wireless speakers rechargeable by induction

A simple dock apparently

If there's one thing that is fascinating the world of high-tech is that it is always possible to have ideas, even on products already broken down into hundreds of different devices. In this case, DEA has addressed the iPhone dock. At first glance, the DEA Flying Sound System is a traditional resort with two big speakers on a flat bottom. And elsewhere as expected, the iPod / iPhone plugged on, all display a rather nice look elsewhere.