Wednesday 16 December 2015

Samsung Patent Filings Reveal Exciting New Smartphone Designs

Samsung’s Foldable/Tab Style Design/Scrollable/Bendable Smartphone

Samsung’s patent for new folding and scroll style smartphone designs has been granted by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office recently wherein either of these designs would be substantial inventions for smartphone displays which tends to be led by square flat designs. The patent includes a foldable smartphone, tab style design, scrollable smartphone and a bendable smartphone design.

With the folding phone, the user has access to a screen even while the device tends to be folded and can access additional detailed commands when it is opened like a book. The patent filing also discusses anther sensational new design wherein the phone can roll up as well as unroll like an ancient scroll. The improvement of bendable, rollable, foldable smartphone displays has been reported for years.

Samsung had promoted a concept video on a clamshell style device on YouTube somewhere in 2013. However this patent filing offers some hope that smartphone display would make its way to the consumers. Samsung had already created the Galaxy Round, the first smartphone having curved display. Probably there could be more appealing designs coming up.

Flexible Displays

It is said that for years, Samsung had been working on flexible displays. As per Digital Trends, Samsung had revealed its first foldable phone prototype at the CES 2014 and it was rumoured that its foldable device would be making its debut in 2016. The most regularly depicted design invention in Venture Beat, is a handset which tends to unfold to a full sized tablet.

It eems like a horizontal clamshell wherein the single fold tends to open the same way as a book or a magazine and the device forms as a smartphone when folded and a tablet when unfolded. However, it is not known how the screen could be adapted when in a folded position. The device either tends to fold with the two halves of the screen touching when closed or it could in the opposition structure where both the screens tend to face outward.It has been described as a rollable device by Patenty Mobile.

Users have the option of changing the form of the device by taking the tab and rolling out the flexible display or by pressing a button or an icon which is available at one end of the scroll. This opens the scroll with the preferred app ready for use once the device is scrolled out.

Bendable Design – Bend at Certain Pre-set degree

When the calendar icon on the scrolled device is pressed for instance, the device tends to un-scroll with its full display, portraying the calendar app. The adjustable display of the display in scroll style could include an organic light which emits diode – OLED or flexible LCD display, replacing glass substrate in the display with flexible plastic materials.

The tab style design smartphone does not tend to fold in half like its earlier foldable design but folds, off-centre leaving a tab screen exposed towards the left end which displays the users’ favourite apps. Similar to the scrolled device, the tab style design can be unfolded whenever the user touches the app icon towards the left of the display.

The bendable design enables the smartphone to be folded by being bent and is likely to be bent at a certain degree pre-set by the users.

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