Saturday 5 December 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to debut in less than three months and rumor mills are working overtime to present a final picture of the device specs and features. Samsung is looking forward to improve the popularity of its S series after the lukewarm response to the Galaxy S6. Furthermore launching the S7 during the first quarter of the year will help in making huge sales and almost no threat from the next iPhone. Here is a list of the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs and features, which have emerged in the recent past.

Two designs to debut together

Samsung has established a dual lunch model for itself by the releasing of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge variant a while back. Similarly it is being expected that Samsung will unveil two designs and models as Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge featuring a curved screen. Samsung Edge will always feature its awe-aspiring curved display design, which has been loved both by the consumers and critics alike.

Qualcomm processor expected to make a comeback

Samsung and Qualcomm relations soured in the recent past and Samsung even went ahead to launch the high end Galaxy S6 variants featuring it own home grown Exynos processors. However Samsung will be using both the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and its Exynos 8890 processor for the Galaxy S7. Snapdragon will be used in the S7 devices for the India while Snapdragon 820 will be used in the devices manufactured for the China, US and other markets.

MicroSD slot to return in Galaxy S series

Samsung has to bear a huge pressure from the consumers with its strategy to do away with the microSD card slots. There are some credible rumors which points that Samsung is all set to reintroduce the microSD card slots in the Galaxy S7. However, it has not been whether Samsung has ditched the micoSD card slots due to price concerns or technical reasons earlier.

Galaxy S7 Force Touch technology

Samsung has also filed a patent for its own exclusive 3D touch technology. Samsung 3D touch technology is described as a system wherein different voltages will help in getting different options to get selected. For example, a hard press will result in capital letter and a softer press will help in getting lowercase letters while typing.

Better and advanced camera hardware

Samsung Galaxy S series comes under the premium and high end smartphone segment wherein it is necessary to offers top class camera capabilities in the phone. Samsung is looking forward to heighten its upcoming Galaxy S7 camera capabilities by getting hand on the 23MP IMX300 camera, which was used by the Sony in its Xperia Z5 flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S7 to release in February

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S6 at MCW 2015 and Galaxy S5 at MCW 2014. Therefore, it can be easily said that Galaxy S7 will make its debut at MCW 2016, which takes place at the end of the February. It is widely expected that Samsung Galaxy S7 will each to the stores by April first week after the official release in the February.

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